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This is a discussion on Stripped Lowers within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by HotGuns I wouldnt exaclty put Colt in the premier AR category. For years it was Bushmaster that built their internals as Colt ...

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Thread: Stripped Lowers

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    Quote Originally Posted by HotGuns View Post
    I wouldnt exaclty put Colt in the premier AR category. For years it was Bushmaster that built their internals as Colt had such a large contract to fill that they sub contracted Bushmaster for the internals. And Colts had more problems than anyone else,running lots of parts with faulty heatreats that were breaking left and right.
    At the current time, Colt builds all their guns. Which happen to meet a pretty darned high standard. So, yes, they are a "tier one" AR.

    Now, the militarys all have Colts and Bushmasters in their arsenals. As for the QC, it all revolves,some being better than others at times and then waning, others not being so good but getting better. Its not a constant thing, its more like a sine wave.
    True; Bushy used to be much better than they are now. But now, they make crap. Department of State issues Bushmasters to some of their contractors, but otherwise, no Bushmasters are used in the US military as guns. The US Army uses a few of them in their EST2000 trainer in a non-firing role.

    The average shooter isnt going to spend 1500 on an AR when he can get one for 600 somewhere else. While what you say has some truth to it, these guys arent humping 60 pounds packs on their backs or sleeping in the sand with their rifles. They are'nt killing people with them or bleeding all over them, so the little extras that the higher end models have dont mean so much to them. They are simple shooters that have a good time with them. They shoot crows, coyotes and all manner of creatures with them and they shoot them alot at paper. They can not justify the spending twice the price on something that they can not see as tangible.
    Got you on that. However, why spend anything more than $600 on a cheap gun when you can get a competently made one from Spike's or BCM for a small amount more, or even less? I am a big fan of the $500 AR; I've owned several. But I also have friends who spent $1000 on Bushmaster or DPMS crap.

    Hmm.. I figured that most people knew that if was Milspec, it met a standard..but maybe not.
    I guarantee you that maybe not is closer to absolutely yes.

    Even so, there are a ton of websites that have good info that deal just with AR's. Like any other board, some of it is good and some of it is pure BS.
    There is more pure BS on gun boards than good info. M4Carbine has good info. has 20/80 good info to BS. Most gun boards not focused on ARs are dominated by really bad mythology about black rifles in my experience.

    There is a wide variety of quality lowers for $100 on the market right now. And while you are shopping a stripped lower, take a look at Palmetto Arms $150 special for a complete Daniel Defense/Magpul MOE lower kit to finish it out.

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    Bravo Company and Noveske are two great options. Also, mil-spec doesn't always mean mil-spec. The thing many seem to forget, or not know in the first place, is mil-spec not only means dimensions, but also material and testing of those materials. DPMS, for example, has a 1.17 lower receiver extension diameter where the better brands use the standard 1.14. Does it have a staked castle nut?

    Now, here's a good reference chart for you. Stay away from the right side of it and you'll be ok. Also DO NOT skimp on the lower parts kit. Grant at G&R Tactical online has a great kit available, as does LMT. Rock River and DMPS are two to stay away from if you have any plans for any serious use. Now, this is NOT to say they won't hold up, so DPMS and RR owners don't get your panties in a ruffle, but they have many more issues than others for the price, so there are better options.
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