Defense Shotgun , Semi or Pump, Rem or Moss?

Defense Shotgun , Semi or Pump, Rem or Moss?

This is a discussion on Defense Shotgun , Semi or Pump, Rem or Moss? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I have been wanting a defense shotgun. I said my next gun was going to be a shotgun, but I got off track and bought ...

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    Defense Shotgun , Semi or Pump, Rem or Moss?

    I have been wanting a defense shotgun. I said my next gun was going to be a shotgun, but I got off track and bought 2 pistol since saying that. Now I am back on track. I was leaning toward getting the 870P synthetic, then I started thinking 1187P, because I have always used semi auto's for hunting.

    I like the 590A1 also and have read some good reviews on the 930 SPX. They have the 930 SPX in stock ( local ) for $620 and can get the 590A1 in a few weeks for $489. They will have to check price and availability on the Remington's.

    Looking for suggestions. I have been working a lot of OT with a lot more, ( forced ) OT to come, so money isn't a big factor, but Benelli money is.

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    Definitely go with a pump, less prone to jamming. And both Remington and Mossberg make quality pump shotguns, perfect for HD. Whichever one you choose will work just fine.

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    I like the Moss 590 or a Remington 11-87, look for deals and see if you can buy a used one in very good condition. You might from some that a police department is selling
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    I just did all my research for the purchase of my home defense shotgun and I opted to buy the Mossberg 590A1. My second best choice was the Remington 870 Tactical Express. If you choose one of these two you will have purchased one of the top home defense shotguns in the World!!!

    Mossberg 590A1

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    There are pros and cons to both. A pump shotgun can be short-stroked under stress. I also had my Rem 870 Express pump jam up badly with Winchester "X" target loads (sold at Wal Mart) - could not get them to extract...finally had to use two hands on the slide to force the spent shell out.

    Masaad Ayoob advocates semi-autos, reasoning that the shotgun is more reliable than the person using it.

    I like the pump action, but would feel fine with a semi-auto.

    Edit - One more thought...if you're going to use the shotgun for trap/skeet shooting, I think the pump actions stay much cleaner than the semi-autos. Really, all you need to clean is the barrel - the bolt and receiver don't get too dirty. I use mine for both - HD (20" barrel) and trap (26").
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    It's probably a matter of personal preference. As said, you can short stroke a pump, semi's can jam, etc. If you go pump, make sure it's got two action bars on the slide to minimize any twisting and hang ups with the extraction. I have an 870 and am perfectly happy with it. Barrels are easy to swap for HD, ducks, turkeys, etc.
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    I have a Mossberg 500, which is obviously a pump. I love it. The 930 SPX would be really cool to have, but it is pricey. Either Mossber or Remington will serve you equally well in terms of reliability. I just happen to like the Mossberg controls more.

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    Short answer Rem. 870 pump. Had one for ever, almost endless options and super reliable. One of my keepers!
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    Here's a consideration: the 870 has a pushbutton safety at the rear of the trigger guard, the Mossy has a slide safety on the tang. If you're more familiar with one than the other, that can help you decide.

    If you do go with the 870 and defense it the gun's main purpose, spend the extra bucks and get the 870P, the Police model (actually, a whole series with different features). The law enforcement models have have better key parts and more attention paid to quality and function. See the attached writeup from Remington.
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    I personally prefer pump action - make sure you are completely familiar "by feel - in the dark"with it.

    Quote Originally Posted by redrick View Post
    Looking for suggestions. I have been working a lot of OT with a lot more, ( forced ) OT to come, so money isn't a big factor, but Benelli money is.

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    I prefer the pump actions actually. Pretty much always have, for hunting or HD. I've been through some of the popular ones....the Mossberg 500, the Remington 870, the Ithaca 37. Now I've got an 870 Express. Shotguns have sort of came and went by me for one reason or another.....mainly since I've moved from Kansas and the duck and pheasant, I don't see much reason to hunt with one now even though I tried taking some squirrels earlier this year....(better of with my 22lr). I'm just partial to pumps, less mess and upkeep, and maybe a bit less likely to see problems than a gas operated. Some of the newer semi autos have peaked my interest in the past.....heard plenty of good reviews on the 930 SPX myself. I've had several calls from folks who's Rem 1100 or 1187 wasn't working right. Turkey hunters for the most part wait two days before season opening (spring or fall). They want you to be able to fix them overnight. Some of them might be that simple to fix......others.......not much telling. A simple replacement o-ring, a good cleaning, or a complete gas system clean-out.

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    Pump is the way to go, you can get used to the pump thru training...but that sound of a pump being racked in a dark quiet house is a sound like no other. That sound may be all you need..
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    Pump being racked, semi-auto bolt slamming home - same, same; just noise; tactically unsound; damn sure I'm not gonna give away my position.

    Pump may (and I stress may) be a slightly more robust design, until you add the person behind the gun. How many thousands of rounds are you willing to put thru it so that you can truly fire as fast, and reliably as a semi-auto without short-stroking under pressure. If you have a SO, are they also willing to do the same.

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    They are not the same, the slide rack is a widely recognized sound, not near as much so with a semi-auto bolt. Tactically sound or unsound will be determined by the particular circumstances, in addition to any side benefit.

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    Go with the pump first then maybe the auto down the road, you can never have enough FP
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