Cheap Reliable AK

Cheap Reliable AK

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Thread: Cheap Reliable AK

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    Cheap Reliable AK

    Looking for a cheap but reliable AK and need soem reccomendation or things to know when looking. What brands to look for, what brands to stay away from, etc. Also, what is an acceptable price for Used and New AK? Thanks for the help!

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    I am interested too!
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    It is getting harder to find low cost AKs - we've pretty well gotten all there were in the former Soviet Bloc countries. A plain-jane WASR-10 is probably the least expensive you will find. They are not safe queens, but they do what an AK is supposed to do - they go bang every time you pull the trigger and are nearly indestructable. These are mostly imported by Century. They come into the country built to use single stack magazines, and have the mag well modified to take the more normal double stack mags.

    Another low cost AK-47 is the Century GP1975. They have a new US made barrel and reciever, and synthetic stock. The finish is usually rather nice and the price is not too much more than a WASR-10. Since the barrel is not chromed, you need to clean it thoroughly when using corrosive ammo, but any decent, honest, upstanding American cleans his rifle after shooting it. Only a filthy Commie would leave it uncleaned.

    You will hear horror stories from 'experts' about magazine wobble and canted sights and non-chromed barrels. Ignore them. You will have a warrenty with you new rifle, so IF there is a problem, you are covered.

    Remember, the best AK is the one you own rather than the one you are going to buy some time later. Get plenty of magaxines and ammo and shoot your AK a lot. You may find that the butt stock is too short for comfortable and accurate shooting - just get an aftermarket stock that fits you. They are plentiful and inexpensive. The same applies to handguards and sights.

    If I were buying my first AK today, I would go with a Century Bulgarian AK-74. These rifles shoot the 5.45x39 cartridge that the Russians developed to compete with our 5.56. The Russian surplus ammo is accurate, lethal, and cheap to shoot. This gun comes with a high quality US made reciever and barrel and synthetic furniture. The price is about the same as a WASR-10, which takes the more common and more expensive 7.62x39.
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    jwalker: Check out Little Bear Gun Shop. He's a one-man operation that can get most anything, including AK's.
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    I've asked the same question before. I was told to go with a saiga rifle then do the conversion. It ends up being about $500 after you complete it. I personally haven't had a chance to do one yet, but after watching a few videos it looks pretty easy.

    Here is a link for the rifle. Scroll down toward the bottom.

    Also, here is a video of the conversion.

    There are other videos and written walkthroughs out there. It seems like an easy process though.
    A few people here have done it, and I'm sure they will chime in at one point here.

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    Another vote for the Saiga. The rifle will cost you around $300 at first, and you're getting a brand new action vs military surplus. You can convert it on your own time, that is if you want to.

    I paid $329 for mine, and did the conversion with parts from Carolina Shooter's Supply. The total cost that I have into it is $550. For me, it was a no-brainer; the WASR rifles around here were pushing $500, and they weren't all that.
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    or you can do it right and get a yugo underfolder for 500 bucks and be done.

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    I got a WASR10 I picked up for $300 with 3 mags, and a boatload of 7.62 surplus ammo.

    I'm more than pleased

    (Mine is stamped Century Arms.)

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    I've got a Saiga .410 shotgun I modified for cheap. Mississippi Arms has lots of conversion items for anything Saiga. I've gotten a larger capacity mag since this pic, too.
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    I have, in the past, owned WASR's, SAR1's, Chinese, Yugo, and an Arsenal. ALL were flawless except the $900 Arsenal. It jammed on every mag. Go figure. Go with a WASR.

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    I went the Saiga way for Cheap Reliable AK's

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    OMG all black AK's.... mmmmmmm I love them. I want to get a Yugo M70 so bad.

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    My Romanian WASR-10 has been kind to me. Only jams it ever had were when I first got it and failed to get all the cosmoline out of the bolt assembly. After I legitimately cleaned it the thing never failed again.

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