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This is a discussion on AR vs AK within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; paul45 wrote: "I'll stay with the AR. If I run out of 5.56 ammo or spare parts (or ARs), its because the world has ended ...

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Thread: AR vs AK

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    paul45 wrote: "I'll stay with the AR. If I run out of 5.56 ammo or spare parts (or ARs), its because the world has ended and heaven dosen't have any."
    Not to worry, the U.S. Marines are guarding the streets up there; there'll be plenty of ammo to go around.
    Semper Fi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pirate View Post
    An AK in a NATO caliber........sacrilege. Kind of defeats the purpose. The AK cannot ring the performance the .223 round is capable of and the round does not have the “knock down” capability of the 7.62x39 round. Heck just get an AK74 in the much cheaper to feed caliber of 5.45x39 which balistically is basically the same as the .223.
    If I could pick I'd take the AK in 5.56 and get a mag adapter for AR mags. Then I'd have my AK and not have to worry about scrounging for ammo. Course you really wouldn't worry about that would you? You'd just pick up what ever weapon was laying around and start using that. If you plan on holding up somewhere then you'd have a few thousand rounds stock piled for your choice.

    Right now I'll stick with my AK 74 and the 5.45 round.

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    I think both platforms are fantastic, but I guess I will come out and say that I would have to choose the AR for versatility. Mounting optics and accessories on an AK blows. It's just a major weakness of the platform. You can try all the ultimak do dads and do hickeys, but I just don't like it nearly as much as the AR. I also like iron sights on the AR compared to the AK.

    As far as matching bullet for bullet the AR in .308 is superior to 7.62x39 while the 5.56 and 5.45x39 is a wash.

    If you guys are counting AK74's I can count AR10's
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    Give me an AK47 underfolder and a Glock 17 as my two main weapons in a SHTF situation. But why settle I am staying boarded up in my house with all my other goodies too!
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    It's a no-contest for me, I'd take an AK over an AR system in that event. I'm much more comfortable and have more experience with the AK system.
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    I have had allot of training with the AR , thanks to us army (26 yrs )and 3 cbt to, ak's will be laying around. so i really lii will also have one with ammo. But rs . i will start out with my m4. if i need a AK i am sure i can pick one up.They both goood weapons.
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