J&G sales?

J&G sales?

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Thread: J&G sales?

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    J&G sales?

    An AK has made it on to my short list and picked up the Shotgun News. I saw J&G's ad. I am not considering the wasr rifles but the Polish or Bulgarian AK rifles. Thoughts on quality and prices?

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    The Polish milled ones look really nice. Unfortunately I'm not gonna be of much help as to the quality of either one since I've not handled or shot either one. They're both imported by Century though, and generally speaking, their products are hit or miss (no pun intended.)
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    A link. There are pics of what you are asking about. That's the best I can do for ya.

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    I've never heard anything bad about J&G sales. Century, well I have heard the same as Katana said. Mine is a Norinco so I can not help you with the other makes.
    I've bought ammo and accessories from J&G. Always been very pleased. Waiting on some ammo from them now that is snow bound at an airport in Texas.
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    recent experience

    I recently bought a rifle from J&G. One of the mags provided was defective. J&G will replace the mag but not pay for shipping. Maybe it's not a big deal for the price of mailing a magazine, but it would be a real big deal if they have the same policy for replacing a bad gun. It made me uncomfortable with the level of their "customer service".
    I don't know what the industry standard is, but I would be wary about buying from them again.

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    I've done business with J+G for a while, but only face-to-face. A busy outfit but courteous and helpful to a fault.
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    Jg is top notch

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    Not impressed

    Just dropped 1400 on various items w/j&g. Definitely less than impressed.

    Shipping costs are outrageous. Packaged items in such a manner that it guaranteed the shipping costs would be abnormally high.

    Included in my order were 5 of J&G's 50 cal ammo cans, which arrived today. This was the only part of the order that was economically packaged, but the cans were pure garbage. When i buy ammo cans, I expect them to be beaten up, discolored, rusty, smelly and in generally poor condition. My only expectations are (1) that the cans not be sent covered in mud, and (2) that the lid on the can actually open. J&G failed on both.

    While I don't expect the cans to be clean, these were FILTHY. I was shocked J&G didn't have the common decency to at least hit em with the hose before shipping. Also, the lids won't open. It's like they're welded shut. Most likely because some idiot thought it would be a good idea to wrap them in duct tape and leave them exposed to the elements.

    Obviously there is no quality control at J&G.

    But on the bright side, other than getting ripped off on the shipping and getting some really cool looking jumbo sized paperweights-disguised-as-ammo cans, it was a seamless transaction.

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    I've had exactly one transaction with them, for one of their police trade in guns. My experience was positive and the gun has become my favorite shooter. YMMV.
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