"New" truck gun

"New" truck gun

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Thread: "New" truck gun

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    "New" truck gun

    The best guns are the ones you get for free.

    My dad recently purchased a lot of four rifles from a man who wanted them out of his hair. There was a Mauser K98, Mod. 1888 Commission rifle, an M44 dripping in cosmoline, and a Lithgow-made SMLE Mark4 Mod 1 with spike bayonet. There was an SKS, but the man decided he was going to keep it.

    Dad got them cheap, and let my brother and I pick one we wanted. My brother got first dibs since he lives closer and got to them first. He chose the K98, but that's okay, I got the one I wanted, anyway. I snatched up the SMLE. I looked twice at the Mosin, but I already have one. Dad's was in much better condition, but I wanted the SMLE and I was too lazy to take the time to get the goo off the Mosin.

    Functions great, it's in good condition, but the front sight guard is broken - the screw is snapped and it's welded in on one side, so I need a new one. Looks like I'll be placing an order with Numrich Gun Parts...

    I'd like a sling, too.

    I think I'll replace the M44 with the SMLE as my truck gun.
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    Neat Dad! Give him a big hug! Congrats, and be safe.
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    SMLE - nice Betty - tho heavy and long for a truck gun!!
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    For a truck gun I prefer both a full length barreled AR w/ collabsable stock and a folding 12guage. Normally I only carry the 1 or 2 pistols.

    To date the only time I carried both were while in New Orleans after Katrina, I went with my Para P10/45, Para P14/45, my Bushmaster, and an 870 folder...loaded for bear.

    The truck gun in my eyes should be similar to the concept of the "Scout Rifle" easy to wield, quick to shoulder and still supply proper accuracy and firepower.

    While the SMLE is a fine weapon is is a little to unwieldly for use in tight quarters(IMHO that is)

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    Betty, your dad is too cool. I had an Ishpore Enfield in .308 as my truck gun for a while. My friends and i got together and bought a lot of them, and I got the mutt in the litter. The first round i fired from it broke the shoddy patch job that was on the stock. A synthetic replacement stock,as well as a new fiber-optic front sight , fixed all its woes . The only reason i parted with it was someone offered me a lot more money for it, than what i had in it. I have regretted it ever since. Cograts on your new "Truck Gun."
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    It Changes...
    Can we get pictures. I would love to see them.
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    I keep a Romanian AK with two loaded 40rd mags in my truck.
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    Sweet! should be fine for the intended purpose, and ya cant complain about the price.

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    One good deal coming up.

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    I'm going with a .454 lever action as a truck gun .

    9 shot .454 16" bl

    Just waiting on LGS to get it in .

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    DUDE(s), it's a TRUCK gun i.e., she doesn't have to tote the thing and it was freeeeeee. Light and compact are issues if the thing is slung over the shoulder rather than stuck behind the seat. Understanding that light and manuverable are nearly always good things (although there's that inversely proportional relationship between weight and recoil), the price was right (not to mention the sentiment behind it).

    Actually, I suspect different people have different ideas about what a "truck gun" should do. Some seem to think it should be geared to fend off some sort of moving/vehicular attack. I tend to think of a truck gun as one which 1) I won't cry too much if it is stolen or damaged; 2) is always "there"; and 3) can be used for utility purposes rather than a main battle rifle i.e, it's beater that's reliable. All that said, a cheap mil-surp fits the bill nicely. YMMV.

    Wow, I kinda got going on that. Not intended as a rant, just a different point of view, I guess.
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