Well, I am on my way to becoming a commie now...(56K warning)

Well, I am on my way to becoming a commie now...(56K warning)

This is a discussion on Well, I am on my way to becoming a commie now...(56K warning) within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I finally paid down my AK I've had on lay-away for a few months! It is not as fancy as some, but I think it ...

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Thread: Well, I am on my way to becoming a commie now...(56K warning)

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    Well, I am on my way to becoming a commie now...(56K warning)

    I finally paid down my AK I've had on lay-away for a few months! It is not as fancy as some, but I think it will seerve me just fine. It is my first AK, and now I think I may need another..

    I just got it to the range today, and I have a couple observations.

    1: Mikhail Kalashnikov must be some kind of damn sorcerer, because this rifle has NO feed ramps! How in God's name does a rifle with no feed ramps feed so reliably!?

    2: I need to buy a front sight tool.

    3: NO feed ramps!

    4: It makes me secretly feel like a dirty-little terrorist

    This one is a Yugo imported by Century, and for all the negatives I heard, this appears to be a solid rifle. Sights aren't canted, bolt dosen't jump the rails, stock isn't wobbly..etc...

    It came with a couple of mags, a bayonet (I gotta get one for my AR, now! ), and some sort of tool, which I think has something to do with the grenade launching, but I'm not sure.

    I have a cleaning rod, and some wood for the forend on order, and I have a green Yugo sling, I just have to clean it, before installing it.

    Also found a nice, discreet carry case laying around my basement!

    Obligatory zombie-stabber pic..

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    I have a WASR of the same dimensions, love the look of your rifle, and your stock looks sturdier than mine. It never occured to me to use a tennis racket case to carry my AK in
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    Nice AK...clever case!
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    You are now banned from ever entering the state of California.


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    Nice! gotta love a nice AK
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    Clever with the tennis racquet case. I'd bet you could prop that up in the corner of the room and if someone was to break in while you were gone, they wouldn't take much interest in your tennis racquet.
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    Nice AK. Got to love those under folders, super discreet.

    Guess I'm too young (or that I didn't serve) to get caught up in the commie bad guy gun thing...it just a tool to me. Super simple beater rifle that generally always runs. Kind of like Tonka tough.

    Time for ammo...J&G Sales has some Uly ammo on sale right now. Depending on shipping to you it's a good price. Ammoman still has Wolf MCJHP 124gr (8m3) for 219 delivered (mean round). Sometimes it is on sale for 10 bucks less. You probably already know this...most all the Russian steel runs fine in AK's (have read about bad primers in Olympia). Seems like mine enjoy Golden Tiger in regards to accuracy. If you shop around you can pick up cases for 200ish, occasionally less or some kind of free shipping deal. The corrosive stuff is cheaper but then you will have to actually clean the rifle.

    There's a lot of Bulgy steel surplus mags in the $9 range that are unissued and in great shape...again just watch the shipping. I'm continually shocked at how much the rate has gone up at some of my main buying places.

    Don't bother with the plastic front sight tool. The metal one that looks like a C clamp will take care of business. There's a couple good sight in 25 meter targets online for print floating around.

    Have fun blasting.

    Nice pics too...thanks for sharing.

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    Man! I really want an underfolder now! It is the classic look. Don't expect too much out of it, just that it will fire anything that you feed it, each and every time.

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    It's hardly the 'enemy's gun' that it's made out to be.

    There's more than a few service men on our side that prefer and use the AK
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    Now you just need to get its older cousin, the Mosin-Nagant.

    well I was gonna post a pic of my Mosin but imageshack seems to be down right now.
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    Then, there's a nice selection of commie pistols out there - Tokarovs, Makarovs, Polish PA-64, Czech CZ-82, etc etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LanceORYGUN View Post

    You are now banned from ever entering the state of California.

    Hey - good news - you are now banned for entering California!
    Great privilege comes with great responsibility.

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    Nice weapon/idea , but your printing

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    Remind me not to ever play you in tennis

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Nice AK...clever case!

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^What ret said^^^^^^^^^^^


    Quote Originally Posted by LanceORYGUN View Post

    You are now banned from ever entering the state of California.


    ^^^^^^^Some guys have all the luck!!!^^^^^^^^^^
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