I traveled about 100 miles to Atlanta for an overnight visit this week. I was taking my 5 month old Grandson with me so in addition to my Glock 26 with 2 G17 spare mags and my Kahr PM9 bug I took my Marlin 1894 in .357 in a hard case with 100 rounds of Hornady LeverEvolution ammo. Additionally in the hard case I added a Ruger SP101 for the added capability. I have a backpack carrier for my little man so I can carry him and keep my hands free.

Skinner peep sights give me confidence out to 100 meters.

I chose this lever action for all of the reasons mentioned and when you add the versatility of the .357 and the stainless steel construction; I just think this is the best way to go for a vehicle rifle/carbine.

Just having the carbine's capabilities is comforting. When I am visiting folks overnight I like the idea of having a rifle in my truck.