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AR, AK or M-21

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Thread: AR, AK or M-21

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    SHTF and no financial concerns...A proper SVD, 5 mags minimum, an extra 200 rounds, sidearm plus 100 rounds, a good BOB, and a plan.

    I am currently happy with my PSL. .75 MOA and I know what I can do with it from point blank out to 400m (have not tried farther). Anything past that gives me more options to evade or engage any threats if needed.

    I have no intention of hunkering down. The plan is get out of the urban area ASAP.

    I have no faith in my fellow man, and in a SHTF scenario, I suspect it will be every one for themselves. I have no desire to be in a crowded urban area and ride it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by INccwchris View Post
    AK, I would leave it stock, no mods to accept AR mags or ammo, why mess with a good system thats being used worldwide
    I would use the mag adapter in the 5.56 caliber Saiga. It will allow the use of the wide spread AR mags and you can drop it out just like a mag to use regular 5.56x39 AK mags.

    System works great and has got allot of good reviews. Now in a 7.62 Ak yeah leave it stock. But as far as a 5.56 Saiga their is nothing wrong with improving on a good system.

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    M70AB2 Yugo...........................$400
    Surplus Steel mags(10).............$100
    1000 Rounds ammo..................$260 (give or take)
    Peace of Mind..........................PRICELESS!

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    I choose my AK47. Keep the M1 and for go the M14/21 because there is nothing that the M1 can't do compared to the M14/21. If you need higher volume then get an AK or AR what ever your more comfortable with.

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    I'm a little confused about your post in regards what your are trying to compare.
    For example rough prices an AK ($500-$700) AR ($900-$1200) Springfield M21 ($3000+)
    It's difficult to compare these three selections because they are all very different rifles. In reality they each fill a specific niche.
    Me personally I'm more of a precision shooter so I would lean towards M1A or AR. You could also consider a regular M1A / Loaded M1A for probably half the price of a M21 to make it more economical. If you want to use as escape type rifle, one of the socom 16 or socom II M1As might be better suited.
    I'm actually contemplating purchasing a M21 myself. When I called to check about ordering, I was told since this is a custom rifle out of Springfield Armory the wait time is 12 months!
    Springfield basically waits until they get enough orders for them, then run a special batch. Though it does sucks having to wait so long, I've found that when you are purchasing expensive custom guns, it's a lot easier to afford them when you can spread the payment of it out instead of coming up with it all at once.
    It's really going to come down to what you like better and what is more economical.
    However when in doubt... my philosophy is (Buy all of them!)

    And one more thing to consider, do you plan on putting optics on rifle? A mount, rings, and quality optics will also be $$$.

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    Whichever rifle you end up choosing make sure you set aside enough dough to afford at least 3x as much ammo as you think you could ever need. Then use about 60% of that ammo to be come as intimately familiar with that rifle as the law allows. A highly trained marksmen with 15 rounds of ammo is infinity more dangerous than a twice a year Bubba with 3000 rounds of ammo.
    Another way to look at it is thus, you have to fight one man to the death, he knows where you are and you have to hold your ground. Would a marine with 5 tours in Afghanistan armed with an iron-sighted mosin nagant frighten you more than a gang-banger with a $3000 custom AR with the works and with at least as much money invested in quality optics with a total of 1 hour on that weapon system?

    Train with whatever you can afford, and train around that particular weapon systems shortcomings. And in a true SHTF situation if you're dead set on getting a particular rifle that you can't afford, I'm sure you could borrow one from those who were less prepared.

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