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Foreward Assist importance?

This is a discussion on Foreward Assist importance? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by SIXTO I agree with the Marine in his application, however, there is an application where the forward assist is useful to me ...

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Thread: Foreward Assist importance?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    I agree with the Marine in his application, however, there is an application where the forward assist is useful to me and my application; being stealthy. I might not want to slam the bolt home. The forward assist allows me to quietly close the bolt and use the forward assist to make sure the bolt is locked and everything is ready to fire.
    If you find yourself needing the forward assist under normal conditions, its time to clean your gun, change ammo or both.


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    Quote Originally Posted by bmcgilvray View Post
    Since my AR 15 is an early 1970s Colt SP 1 it doesn't have the forward bolt assist feature. I've never felt that I was missing anything.
    Yes, the Marine mentioned that Mr. Stoner didn't have forwards assist's on his original AR's.

    SIXTO does mention a good reason for the use of the assist.

    Anywhoo...I picked up the Vltor MUR -1S today (without the forward assist) and installed it on my lower (this afternoon)...what a solid fit. More solid than the original upper it came with, also fired a mags worth while sighting the rear Magpul BUIS (still daylight), all perform as expected. The biggest pain was removing the dentent gas tube pin, but with a bit of Mouse Milk it came right out.

    MidwayUSA vids on youtube were my friend. Had the laptop right next to my bench.

    I already had my mind set on the upper without the assist, just wanted a little extra confirmation from different sources before the actual purchase.

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    Not personal experience, I have never used it, but I was told this by an experienced soldier, when I asked him what was the supposed function:

    He said, that if a round kinda jammed, and the bolt wouldn't quite go forward, then you can use the button to get it REALLY good and jammed in there! His attitude was the same as the Marine, if it won't chamber correctly, better cycle a new one, or it might not come back out easily.

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    I might nuse the forward assist if I checked the chamber to make sure I had a round inserted and had to tap it to close the bolt,Otherwise like others have said you cram a round into the chamber and the extractor will probably fail to extract it
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