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M1 carbine or garand?

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Thread: M1 carbine or garand?

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    Those are some nice pictures. I have to get myself one of each. I like my AK and AR, but there is something about those rifles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmcgilvray View Post
    The M1 is my very favorite rifle and the one I'd keep if I was limited to only one rifle. Due partially to participation in high-power competition I've fired this M1 more than any other centerfire rifle I've ever owned. It has always been dependable. It came to me back in the mid 1980s from the DCM, the CMP's predecessor.

    This M1 is from 6-44, was likely rebuilt at war's end with updated rear sight configuration and then stored until it shipped to me.

    The M1 Carbine is a lot of fun. It's handy too, for home defense situations in cramped hallways or stairwells. A Carbine loaded with 110 grain soft points is way more vicious than most think. A great gun for vehicle use, it's maneuverable inside the passenger compartment. I've taken lots of various Texas varmints and critters with the M1 Carbine over the years and they go down for the count when fairly hit, even when full metal jacket bullets are used. The Carbine is pleasant for range use and for plinking.

    A 10-43 Underwood production Carbine with type II rear sight installed. Could have been a wartime sight upgrade or could have been post-war.

    Both are really reliable and trouble-free in operation. Parts are endlessly available if ever required and the designs are easy to figure out if one ever needs to work on them. I take both of these rifles more seriously than I do my AR 15.
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    I love my .30 m1 carbine, but have always wanted a garand. Tough choice but I would go with the carbine.
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    Loved shooting my brothers Garand (hard to imagine our soldiers lugging that around compared to today's M4) didn't get a chance to shoot the carbine before he moved to Maryland. (Puts on tin-foil hat) I would say in today's political climate I'd get the carbine first closely followed by the Garand. The carbine has that evil black detachable magazine thingy everyone is always so afraid of. Both are on my list to get also.
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    They each were built to serve a different use. Consider the cost of ammo for each. I have both from CMP. If you get one, you'll want the other. Just plan on getting both as finances allow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HotGuns View Post
    ... the fact that '06 ammo can be had just about anywhere.

    30 Carbine, not so much.
    True... but if you shoot "store-bought" commercial '06 ammunition, which is loaded to higher pressure levels than military M2 ball/AP, you'll likely bend your Garand's op rod. You can fit a regulator to avoid this, however.


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    Either or.

    I personally would, go for an M1A
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