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What is your Home Defense Rifle?

This is a discussion on What is your Home Defense Rifle? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by sailormnop Update -- My 590 SP with heat shield and Surefire ForeEnd is now on layaway. I found one at a local ...

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Thread: What is your Home Defense Rifle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sailormnop View Post
    Update -- My 590 SP with heat shield and Surefire ForeEnd is now on layaway. I found one at a local dealer gently used (including the Surefire) for $399!...the 590 will be sitting by my bed.
    A great shotgun and a great price with the light. Mine sits next to the bed. I just got it a month ago second-hand and in great shape for $190!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExSoldier View Post
    Ahhhh a rationalization! What makes you think the CX4 is impractical for the suburbs? Not to throw (as John McClane would say in Die Hard) a monkey in the wrench!
    Every monkey needs a wrench or two!

    Oh right the suburbs... A 9mm carbine seems redundant to me in a small space when I've got my PX4 handy with 4 mags holding 68 rounds. When the SHTF I hope to have an actual SAW to go with my shotgun, but even if I don't I think the shotgun will fill the need. After the shotgun, my next priority will be a smaller carry gun - probably a K9.
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    The Glock 10mm sleeps in a holster attached to a little fixture that slides between mattress and box spring (that’s almost a rifle) then I have a Rem 1100 with pistol grip stock and 8 round mag extension I keep loaded 6-000 buck then 2 slugs with a side saddle holding 3 more 000 and 3 more slugs.

    The rifles would be a shorty AR with tritium sights and the wife keeps an M-1 carbine with 30 round mag loaded with hollow points. I live in the country with a meth problem in the area: so the 10mm, 1100 and M-1 carbine are always brought in for the night, the AR only if/when there is an increased threat level.

    If needed I also have an AR with light weight barrel sporting a 3rd generation Russian military night scope.

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    SKS on one side of the bed (loaded , bolt closed on empty chamber) , and SUB2000 on the other side (.40 loaded bolt closed on empty chamber . Put whatever I had carried that day on the nightstand by me ( usually PT140 or Witness 45) . Keep armed at home so have something to fend off someone until I can get to the heavier artillery .

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    If my Glock 27 and Rem. 870 Police Magnum doesn't take care of the problem, like MNBurl said "time to leave".
    AR in 6.8mm but it's locked in safe-unloaded.

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    Don't really know about the need for a home defense rifle -- but if I had to choose, I think it would be my Marlin Guide gun in .45-70. Something about a BG having to stare down the barrel of a weapon that slings a .400 grain bullet. lol Hmmm....now that I think about it; probably not a good idea to go hurling .400 grain bullets around the house. Might upset the neighbors. Oh well, guess I'll stick with my Benelli!!
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    You know the saying "the purpose of carrying your handun is to fight your way to your rifle" I keep a winchester 30-30 handy for those moments my 1911 won't handle the problem.

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    The two long guns that stay out of the gun locker are a Norinco 97 12ga and a M-1 carbine. Of course the first thing I grab is my 357 mag while my wife grabs hers. If I have to grab carbine or shotgun they are ready, and the should buy time to get the L1A1 out of the gunlocker if I really need it (which I pray it never gets that bad).

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    "the purpose of carrying your handun is to fight your way to your rifle"
    Not enought people think that way IMHO.

    I have 3 33rd mags full of +p Corbon w/h my Sub-2000, also a Winchester 1300. I keep my Ruger 6.5x55mm Sweedish in my safe, but the mag is loaded with nothing chambered.

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    RRA 9mm carbine. I actually built it just for use at an indoor (pistol-caliber only) range. Then my GF moved in. then she decided to learn to shoot. She likes the lightweight, short, high-capacity, lighted AR. Since its what she's most comfortable with, it stays out. I just use it.

    I just added an EOTech to it. Sighted it in today. When I get a 5.56 built up, I'll set it up the same way, I'll use it, and she can use the 9mm if she wants.
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    Winchester 94 Trapper w/ 16" barrel in .357 mag. I bought as my daughter's first deer rifle when she was 3 months old, but with the increased level of muzzle velocity afforded by the carbine barrel, (even with bullets of 158 gr or higher to cut down on frangability) I suppose it would do some damage to a BG if I had to reach out to the barn to shoot him. Of course if he was in the back of the pasture, I'd use my .308, but would have to have time, cause both rifles are locked in the safe. These firearms are tertiary and quartenary to the handgun and shotgun which are primary and secondary respectively, and are kept handy.
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    A Colt 6920 or a Colt 6920-depending on which bedroom I end up in!!

    Forgot-RRA Entry on the spare Room!!!!

    I do like a shottie too-simple 870 in 20 GA.


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    Although I have other defensive carbines, I use a Kel-Tec Sub 2000 with a 33 round magazine to back up my home defense Glock 17.
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    I don't use a rifle for HD very often, but if I were to do so, it would be my Rossi Puma Model 92 in .44 Magnum.

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