What does the average guy do with an AR?

This is a discussion on What does the average guy do with an AR? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by oneeyedwilly What does the average guy do with his AR? Leave it in his safe so A: his wife doesnt find out ...

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Thread: What does the average guy do with an AR?

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    Quote Originally Posted by oneeyedwilly View Post
    What does the average guy do with his AR?

    Leave it in his safe so
    A: his wife doesnt find out
    B: he can't afford the ammo
    C: He doesnt really know how to shoot it
    D: Gets it out once in a while to play Army
    hmmmm, no

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnareMan View Post
    Until yesterday I'd never fined (or really even held) an AR15 and now I kinda want one. So I'm trying to justify the purchase to myself and figure out what I'd do with one.

    The best thing to do is to get into hunting with it. I don't believe that an AR-15 is legal for deer hunting in Ohio. But you can shoot just about anything else. That includes Coyotes, groundhogs, wild boar, crow, skunk, and fox. In fact, all of these animals are classified as being Varmints in Ohio, and there is no limit on shooting them. So you can kill every single one that you see if you like. Squirrels and rabbits are very popular to hunt with an AR-15 too, but there are daily bag limits on shooting them in Ohio: 4 for rabbits and 6 for squirrels.

    Crows are especially fun to hit with a fast bullet from a .223 They literally explode and send feathers flying in every direction. It is quite a fun sight to see. They just go POOF!, and feathers fill the air. It is amazing how the feathers just detach from their body.

    Hunting will really sharpen your shooting skills. Shooting in the field is far more challenging than shooting at any target range. You will want to use lightweight, explosive bullets in the 40 to 50 gr weight range. So it would be best for you to get an AR-15 with a 1:9 rifling twist. Avoid getting a 1:8 or 1:7 twist barrel.


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    For me, the purpose of my RRA LAR-15 is as a last resort gun against a mass home invasion. Also the most fun gun to take to the range for combat shooting.

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    To me its a comforting feeling.

    Having a Handgun is like having a garden hose to put out a fire.
    Having a properly set up EBR is like having a Firehose already hooked to the firehydrant in front of your house.

    I also don't view fights fairly. An EBR gives you that much more of an advanctage of over a pistol when your butt is on the line.

    Or one can add up the numbers.
    1911 .45 single stack 8-9 chances to win
    GLOCK 19-15 Chances to win
    AR 15 30 Chances to WIN
    Its not about guns...Its about Freedom!

    Assistant Instructor @ http://www.green-ops.com/ Located in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area "Why should your training be any less special?"

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