Used Lots of Ammo Very Fast!

Used Lots of Ammo Very Fast!

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Thread: Used Lots of Ammo Very Fast!

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    Used Lots of Ammo Very Fast!

    Hi All,

    Just got back from the range where I rented a full-auto AR for about 1/2 hour. That was a kick in the pants! Went through eight boxes of PMC .223. Not something I'll do REAL often, 'cause of the cost, but it sure was fun.

    It was a High Standard model with 16" barrel. Had 3 failures (FTE), but I imagine the gun has seen pretty hard service as a range rental. Just judging from appearance & feel, I don't think the gun had quite the "fit & finish" of my S&W, but it wasn't bad. I don't think I even knew that there was such a thing as a High Standard AR-15.

    Anyway, seems like something everybody ought to try at least once. It also gave me a heightened appreciation for our service men who find themselves on the receiving end of full-auto weapons fire! God bless you, guys - and keep your head down!


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    Yep, every time I took my MP5 when I first got it I dumped rounds like crazy. I'm over it now, but it took a liitle while.

    A buddy of mine has a m249, or whatever the pre '86 belt fed 5.56 is called. That one is insane! Enjoy it, everyone should get on one now and then. I wish we had ranges around here that rented f/a's.
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    It is fun, but I can't keep on the target when I shoot FA. I just don't get enough practice to do it well. I like the MP5 with the double tap selected. I can shoot 2 and then get right back on target. To me it's the best combination of rapid fire and controllability. I'm sure with practice most would rather have FA, but I just can't handle it well enough to love it.
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    I have a friend that has an M16,AK47,MP5K,Uzi,all select fire,One thing I did for the M16 was got him a Ciener M16 22lr conversion,the M16 conversion has an added weight and FA sear trip that allows FA fire in the M16,we have 26 round mags and we can burn thru them in about 2 seconds,sounds like a bee farting,Even though I can put 10 round bursts on target with 223 ammo,the 22LR is very controllable and full mag dumps COM is easy.The AK47 on FA is a handfull,I'm pretty much at about 3 round bursts,after that your going off target
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