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Thread: Boresighter?

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    With my eyesight declining I finally decided to buy some optics for my two rifles. Nothing fancy, just a red dot 1x scope for the ak and a 4x30 rimfire scope for my 22. I know the basics of how to sight in a rifle but still a novice. I have been looking at the Leupold zero Point boresighter as well as some various laser units. I've heard the Leupold instructions are vague but seems to get a lot of praise. I was hoping to get some opinions from DC folks on what would be my best bet getting started. Preferably I would like a single unit or kit that's going to work with a variety of calibers.
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    The best way is no boresight at all. Go to the rage and set up a target at 20 yds. Use you eyeball to check and make sure your optic and gun are pointed pretty much in the same direction (I have seen some crooked rings and mounts in my time). Then shoot a three shot group.
    Adjust the scope accordingly. When you are in the bull at 20 yds then move your target to the fifty yard line and repeat. Then move out to 100 and finish things up.

    The most important thing is to find where you are hitting with the first group. Once you find where the bullets are going then it's easy to adjust the scope.

    If your gun is REALLY off and you cant find it at 20 yards then get a bigger target or take it to a gunsmith. :)

    Sighting in is really easy as long as you take it one step at at time.

    Also, as an aside, I'll mention that a hot gun may start to lose some accuracy. So make sure you take time to let your barrel cool between groups.
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    I have had better results with no boresighter,waste of money INHO,for a bolt gun remove the bolt and put the firearm in a steady rest,then adjust crosshairs on scope to intersect the point in the center of the bore,you will be close enough on first shot to adjust from there,AR15 remove bolt carrier group and adjust like above,rifles you cant look down the bore at ,ATCtimmy has the answer
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