Benelli M4 Shotgun

Benelli M4 Shotgun

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Thread: Benelli M4 Shotgun

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    Benelli M4 Shotgun

    I went to the Moss Knob range today (I'm in NC for a month) for a little AR-15 worship. I've finally gotten my scope zeroed up and am shooting the rifle much better (hitting frozen water bottles and clays at 150 yds....good for me). Another guy there, an off duty Jackson Co. deputy, whips out this shotgun and blasts 5 slugs at his 25 yd target, and literally had all holes touching each other dead center. Holy cow! Big holes. Benelli M4 12 gauge LE. Super nice. I talked him up and offered him everything I brought to see if maybe I could shoot it. He never offered and I didn't want to just come right out and beg. Sweet gun. Collapsible stock, ghost sights, rail on top. Slick. I see them here on Funbroker for $1700 (not LE). I probably wouldn't have let me touch it either. Anyone have one?

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    I had one, it was real nice.
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    Isn't the M4 a gas gun?
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    I have one but haven't taken it out yet. I have played with it (unloaded of course). Solid. Am hoping to take it out soon.
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    I've owned a Benelli M4 for several years and use it as my go-to HD weapon. Have used it in 2-gun shoots and have to say it is awesome. It's built like a weapon that even the USMC would be satisfied with!

    At first I thought I needed to have my head examined for spending $1500+ for the M4. But after having it for several years my only regret is that I didn't buy one sooner.

    IMHO it's the last HD shotgun you'll ever buy. BTW...I mounted a Surefire flashlight on the starboard side and can easily reach the endcap with my right thumb (I'm left-handed).

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    The M4 is very nice, but for my money (which I spent last December!) the M2 with ComforTech stock is the best Benelli shotgun to be had. Lots more after-market parts for the M2 if you plan to fiddle, cheaper, softer shooting, eats lighter loads more easily, and I have had no issues shooting slugs out to 50yds with it.
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    awesome problems..all rounds fired before the first spent shell hits the ground,great with ghost ring sights,added flashlight and side saddle,would hate to be on recieving end.

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    Love it even more after learning to combat load with either hand.
    This gun is AWESOME!
    Ghost ring sights are quick to access.
    Extension gives me 7 in the tube.
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    I've shot the Benelli and the Beretta 1200. IMO the Beretta is the better shooter.
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