Building the perfect 3-gun rifle

Building the perfect 3-gun rifle

This is a discussion on Building the perfect 3-gun rifle within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Check out this article from the latest American Rifleman and tell me what you think: Of course, the author can build and run anything ...

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Thread: Building the perfect 3-gun rifle

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    Building the perfect 3-gun rifle

    Check out this article from the latest American Rifleman and tell me what you think:

    Of course, the author can build and run anything he wants. But the whole thing looks like a veiled commercial, to me.

    I am more of the thought to build a rifle/carbine to meet my intended defensive roles, and adapt that to the competitions.
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    Towsley is a pretty good writer and in my opinion call 'em as he sees him. Obviously the American Rifleman makes money off its advertisers, but the Rifleman also has a long tradition of unbiased reporting about guns and equipment. From an editor's standpoint, there are probably as many voices in the readership saying "tell us what to buy" as there are criticizing the magazine for naming brand names in an article like that, so I think it's a tough call. I'd cut 'em some slack on this one.

    However, I'm with you about building a gun for competition. I shoot steel matches a couple of times a month, but I use a carry gun and mag carriers and I shoot reloads that would make major power factor, at least by the data in the reloading manuals. My one concession to the "game" aspect is a Blade-Tech holster. On the other hand, the friend I shoot with runs a competition Glock .40 with the long slide, his reloads are so soft it sounds like a cap gun firing (and I rib him about that incessantly), and like most everyone else he uses a competition holster, belt and mag pouches. My take on the matches is that I do it to keep my skills sharp, like shooting on the move, shooting at different size targets, ammo management, and figuring out which targets to engage in what sequence. Maybe that's why I'm still a D-class shooter!
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    It would've seemed more like an ad is he hadn't been using what might be the absolute best components in the game. The only thing I might have changed for a dedicated 3 gun rifle is the stock, and that's just a matter of preference.
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    I recently bought a JP-15 for 3 gun and enjoyed reading the thread...found it very informative!

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