What Optic Are You Running On Your AR?

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Thread: What Optic Are You Running On Your AR?

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    What Optic Are You Running On Your AR?

    I'm getting an idea about the components that I want for my AR that I'm either going to complete or just outright buy in the form of a complete rifle. I'm not so clear, however, on the optic that I want run on my rifle. I'm hoping you guys can give me some ideas.

    What optic are you running on your rifle and why? It would also be great if you have a picture you could provide but not necessary if you don't have one or simply don't want to post it.

    I'm interested in hearing on what you have to say about the subject.

    Thanks in advance,

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    On my M&P 15-22 I am using a red-dot. On my 556/223 I had a red-dot and 5X magnifier but just removed them. I now have a Nikon Monarch 3X12. I was having a problem with the red-dot where I would site it in, worked fine for a while and would then be off again (site was out of warrenty).

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    Taking a good, hard look at the Aimpoint® Micro T-1 would be a great place to start yer search for a great optic.

    You can hop on over to the Aimpoint site - Click on "Products" & then on "Product Finder" on the drop-down menu - be honest about what features you actually need & your Aimpoint options will be displayed.

    Here you go...... http://www.aimpoint.com/us/
    AKA - If you don't need NV compatibility then don't click that you want or need it.

    And then if you really want to lighten your wallet on an Aimpoint then you could opt for the COMPM4s in the low battery configuration. That is what I am now running on my rifle but, I got a real $$$ deal on mine.

    Unique features of the CompM4s

    Low battery compartment

    Unique features of the CompM4s and CompM4

    Compatible with every generation of NVD
    ACET technology allows up to 80,000 hours (over 8 years) of daytime operation on one AA battery
    Internal voltage regulator allows the CompM4 to be used with any AA size battery
    7 NVD settings and 9 daylight settings
    QRP2 mount has twice the clamping force of the original QRP, and the mounting knob is wider and shorter to improve operation and lower the risk of snagging on other gear
    Mount base is keyed into to the body of the sight to absorb recoil
    Mount base screws directly into the sight – no separate sight ring required.
    500,000 hours of use on NVD setting
    2 MOA dot for close combat and long distance engagement
    Matches perfectly with Aimpoint® 3XMag
    Unequalled light transmission
    Front lens opening is threaded for addition of killFlash® anti-reflective device
    Submersible to 150 feet (45 meters)
    Vertical spacer included
    Type classified as the U.S. Army’s new M68CCO
    Improved adjustment caps are easier to remove and protected against impact
    Can be used with a carry handle adapter for use on all M16 rifles
    Mechanical switch for speed and reliability

    Standard features for all Aimpoint® sights

    Unlimited field of view
    Parallax-free and unlimited eye relief
    Unaffected by extreme weather conditions
    Rugged, durable construction
    No hazardous materials
    No laser emission that could be harmful to your eyes
    Increased aiming confidence
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    I just put a Vortex Sparc on my AR...not yet sure if I like it or not...

    It comes with a detachable 2x doubler, which I haven't used yet...

    Not much help...but I'll check back in a few weeks with more of an opinion...
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    I have 2 AR's. I looked @ ACOG's, AimPoint and EoTech. I have an Eotech XPS2-0 on one rifle and Eotech XPS2-0 with Eotech flip magnifier (3x) on the other rifle. What I have found over time is the magnifier is fine out to 150 yds. But I need to add a rifle scope with decent mag to shoot @ 200-300 yds effectively.

    For <100 yds, there is not a bad choice between AimPoint and Eotech, pick the reticle which works best for you. I had a hard time picking up the ACOG reticles with my eyes but it is an outstanding optic.

    Just depends what you will be using your AR for. Home defense (aimpoint or Eotech best option) or more range (rifle scope maybe better if shooting a bit longer).

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    running a eotech 512 and thinking about adding a magnifier to it sometime in the future also.
    on my AK i have a vortex optic red dot strikefire that i found to be really nice and a good starting point/price (it started out on my AR)

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    I'm currently running an ACOG TA31 RCO, Aimpoint T1 and 3x magnifier (have an H1 around too), ran an M4 for about a year or so as well as an M3. I also had a Nightforce 1-4 NXS which I sold and regret. I have an S&B 5-25x56 that i've run a few times on my ARs, but it usually sits on the Barrett. I have a few other optics as well and have owned numerous others, but for me, the Aimpoint and a twist mount magnifier fill all my needs out to 300 meters or so. My Acog if I know I'll be shooting past 250 regularly.
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    Search YouTube for a Daniel Defense torture video, with an Aimpoint.

    They can take some serious abuse
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    I'm a comp m4 fan but if you want to be a little conservative look at the aimpoint pro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DefConGun View Post
    What Optic Are You Running On Your AR?
    EOTech 553 A65.
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    Aimpoint Comp M2 and a knock off 3x magnifier. I'm saving my pennies for a quality magnifier. If I had to start over I would look at the PRO or one of the civilian models as I really have no need for the NVG compatibility. I just found a great deal on the M2 combo package when I had the spare cash.

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    An Aimpoint comp ML3. It does anything I need for withing 200 meters, and beyond that, I have an iron sight set-up that will work.

    Plus it has an insane battery life, can take a lot of abuse, and is in a good, solid QD mount from Larue (a good optic with a crap mount won't live up to it's potential), so I haven't had any problems with loosing zero.

    Although, if I had my druthers, I'd be running a Trijicon Acog.
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    Depends on what I'm using the AR for ........... different jobs, different AR w/different optic. The SBR is set up with an
    Aimpoint, the M4gery is using a Leupold Mark AR 1.5x4x20 w/#4 reticle.

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    I use a Bushnell/Eotech. I want an Eotech 512 simply because of the use of AA batteries.

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    Thank you for the posts and advice guys. You have been most helpful! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences!

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