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Home defense shotgun ammo capacity

This is a discussion on Home defense shotgun ammo capacity within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; My HD shotgun is an older Ithaca Model 37. Receiver machined from a solid block of steel. It's basic, simple, factory stock but with the ...

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Thread: Home defense shotgun ammo capacity

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    My HD shotgun is an older Ithaca Model 37. Receiver machined from a solid block of steel.
    It's basic, simple, factory stock but with the shorter RIOT/Police barrel. It suits me just fine for a home defense scenario.
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    Eaglebeak - To answer one of your questions - I only own one shotgun. I use it for both trap (26" barrel) and home defense (20" barrel). Why? Money is tight, that's why.

    My gun safe is in our bedroom (which is our safe room). If the alarm goes off in the middle of the night, the drill is for me to get my Glock 19 (in a GunVault) and assume a blocking position in the hallway. My wife grabs the two kids. We retreat into the bedroom, lock the door. She gets the Glock, I open the big safe and get the shotgun. The shotgun covers the door. There is no swinging around or moving around, really. Overall length, as it turns out, is not a concern at all - I could have done just as well saving some money and keeping the 26" barrel on it.

    You are correct about aiming of course. You do need to aim it at close range.

    Why a shotgun and not a rifle? I trust the simultaneous delivery of multiple pellets (even if they impact the same general area) more than one rifle bullet to get the job done at close range.
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    Plain and simple, how an HD gun should be in my opinion.

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    Our HD 870 wears a slug bbl w/ rifled sights. But yes we use it for hunting too with that and other barrels. In our home I believe in only addressing the threat at point of their entry. Theres no way to retreat to one room as my kids are on the opposite end of our home. If someones breaking in that action must be defeated at that point imho.

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    My preference is my 870 18" barrel, 6 round capacity with 00 buck. I would still be well armed if I had a double barrel with the same ammo. Either one backed up by a good handgun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gottabkiddin View Post
    Not nit picking here, but the thought of a home robbery taking place where the BGs are packing shotguns is highly unlikely, not unheard of mind you, but unlikely.. Just a a thought.. And I think you're giving the BGs way to much credit in your scenario.. If these are hit men coming to kill you, and they are on a mission, than yes, the sound effect is probably gonna be moot, but to the average low life would be robber, their probably gonna have a good bit less resolve than that caliber of intruder. I think it's note worthy that most robbers work under the guise of stealth and silence. Once that's gig is up, I'm betting that most, if not all will beat feet the way they came. And if they heard a shotgun rack in the background somewhere upstairs,their haste would be ten fold. As for the firing in the general direction of the sound, IMO that's highly unlikely, unless the sound is coming from within the room that they are in, at which IMO, was the wrong time to rack the shottie.

    I'll leave it at that. You handle it your way, and I'll handle it my way. I hope if either of us are ever was faced with a situation like that, that we both would be successful.

    Oops, sorry for the thread high jack 10thmtn....
    On the other hand, cops and robbers may not read well or mix up addresses on warrants, etc. and arrive unannounced to arrest or rip off drug stashes. It certainly would be simpler is we knew in advance what we needed, and how many rounds we needed.
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    My SD shotgun is a 500 with a ("custom") 18.125" barrel, 5 rounds of Federal 00 LE Tactical in the tube, 6 on the side saddle, and 5 more in the but-cuff. Its set up as a post-hurricane/riot gun.

    I'd rather have too much ammo on hand (if its easy to carry) than not enough. Grabbing 16 rounds of 00 Buck with one hand should be more than enough for most emergencies.

    I've got another 100 rounds of 00 Buck Low Recoil on a couple bandoilers, along with 75 rounds of 9mm in mags and 100 rounds of 9mm in box in an ammo can for bugging out if needed.

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    I agree with repsupt99...double barreled 12 ga.. I know the sound of a pump shotgun instills fear, but I don't believe in giving the BG a heads up.
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    That's what we need.
    Instead of the alarm doorbell with a pack of dogs barking from inside, we need one that sounds like 20 shotties being racked

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    Quote Originally Posted by fudo View Post
    On the other hand, cops and robbers may not read well or mix up addresses on warrants, etc. and arrive unannounced to arrest or rip off drug stashes. It certainly would be simpler is we knew in advance what we needed, and how many rounds we needed.
    Sorry friend, but ya lost me on that one...

    And yes, it would be absolutely be wonderful to have a crystal ball that kept us all from harm. But then again, that would be a two way street itself, and I imagine one would nullify the other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eaglebeak View Post
    ...Pardon me if I'm a little off because I didn't check the chart before writing this; but whether using bird-shot or 00-buckshot even in an open-bore 12ga with an 18" barrel, the shot pattern at a distance of 20 feet (average large room width) won't quite cover a 50-cent piece...
    Depending on shot size, loading, etc., the pattern from an unchoked 18" barreled 12 gauge at 20 feet will spread about a foot. Doesn't mean you don't have to aim, but it's a heckuva lot bigger than a 50-cent piece!

    With #4 Buck, it's about equivalent to shooting the BG 20 times with a .22. With 00 Buck, it's more like shooting him 8 times with a .32. (Based on a 1 oz. shot load). Take your pick. At 20 feet, he's probably not going to notice a big difference.


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    I cannot speak for defense of the home, but I do have an old friend who used an 1100 Remington to defend himself from armed robbers at his shop here in San Antonio. The gun battle was covered in both the Dillon Blue Press and the Ayoob Files; I had just recently gotten to know Greg Ferris, who owned a small gunshop and store in town, I had gotten to know him because he stocked Dillon reloading machines at the time and ended up buying one from him after he demonstrated it for me. Anyway, a couple of months later, 2 crackheads decided to try and rob the place, and a gunbattle ensued; Greg used an 1100 remington that he used for competition that had a 10-round capacity; he hit BG #1 with 4 rounds of OO Buckshot and 2 slugs. Amazingly the BG survived, but is now confined to a wheelchair being a quadriplegic; Another one of our mutual friends was an anesthesiologist who happened to be on duty at the trauma center when they brought the guy in and told everybody that trauma physicians said the only thing that saved the BGs life was the fact that he was so high and did not go into shock. The other guy died as far as I know.

    What made the story so popular at the time was the fact that during the battle, one of the slugs fired passed through the BG and struck a Dillon 550B machine square in the center of the frame and shattered it. Greg called Mike Dillon, who promptly shipped out a brand new loader, free of charge. So, in conclusion, I would say 1, 2, 5 or 10 rounds is just fine for any scatter gun, especially when you hit what you are aiming at!!!
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