Surefire MAG5-60 Magazine Review

Surefire MAG5-60 Magazine Review

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Thread: Surefire MAG5-60 Magazine Review

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    Surefire MAG5-60 Magazine Review

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    also, dont drop it full or 1/2 full on a hard surface... bad things will happen...

    for the $$$$... buy a box of Pmags...

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    Sound like a waste of money.

    I do appreciate it when a reviewer is willing to state that a product is not worth getting.

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    Thanks as always for your reviews.

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    Good honest review...I'll save my money.

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    Seeing as many of the failures I see are magazine related, this just seems like an unnecessary risk.

    I guess if you compete this may not be too bad as I'm willing to bet it's better than a PMAG with an extension and with the HK IAR, maybe it could have a place... The 60 round maybe, the 100 round version is really pushing it.

    Other than that - and the IAR is just me speculating and what I've heard - I see no use for it. It's obviously heavier and bulkier and should you have a mag induced failure, you now have the potential to take a lot more ammo out of the fight.

    For me, this isn't even good for the range or a class as reloads are a major part of training. Either way, it is nice to see the option and that manufacturers are trying new things. Of all the Surefire products I own and have used, every one of them has been better than the competition except for an M4 drop-in rail that was still good quality, just not a KAC or DD Omega, for example. Their lights are amazing and continually improving and their suppressors and suppressor mounts, for me, are better than the others available...though AAC is very close, I just prefer the near zero POI shift and I also prefer their flash hider to the blackout.

    So, with that being said, my guess is that the 60 round mag would be at the top in terms of quality if other manufacturers had them available, even if it's not as good as we'd expect (if that makes sense). Hopefully we'll see Surefire listen to its customers and make improvements where necessary so those that actually do want or need these mags will be able to have complete confidence in them.

    Always good reviews, thanks for posting this one...
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    I'm a big wolf ammo user BUT - I DON'T consider it equal to mil-surp or U.S made commercial ammo.

    I don't know of any LEO or Govt. agencies issuing wolf ammo either so that part of the test is only relevant to target range use.

    The part about having some problems with it using other ammo in other rifles ( besides the two in the video ) is a little vague .

    I would like to see a 200 round "torture test" done by a civilian with a semi-auto rifle.
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