Another AR-15 question.

Another AR-15 question.

This is a discussion on Another AR-15 question. within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Hey all, I have noticed quite a few AR posts lately so I hope I am not duplicating. But I have a question for you. ...

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Thread: Another AR-15 question.

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    Another AR-15 question.

    Hey all,
    I have noticed quite a few AR posts lately so I hope I am not duplicating. But I have a question for you. Has anyone heard anything good or bad about Palmetto State Armory? They have (what appears to be) a nice AR-15 on sale and I just wasn't sure on the brand. Or if I should consider just going up a bit more to a Bushmaster?

    Second, as far as home defense is an AR-15 a good idea? I mean, the power between a .223 or .556 is pretty good and could easily go through walls/houses and such. I know "gun control is hitting your target" which I plan to do if the situation ever happened. But under stress/darkness and other variables I think it would be very hard not to miss a few times.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Lots here in the archives about the use of the AR for home defense. Is it too much? Maybe. If the space you're defending is fairly compact, then frangible ammo is probably your friend, or a mag or two of something like Hornady TAP ammo will suffice. If overpenetration has you really concerned, then a short-barrel shotgun stoked with something like #1 or #4 buckshot is probably a better choice.
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    .223/5.56 generally penetrates less through barriers than 9mm/.40/.45 and buckshot. Actually most .223/5.56 loads do miserable in barriers and tend to begin fragmenting the moment a barrier is hit.

    Another AR-15 question.-woundprofilesafterwallbarrier.jpg

    If you are really concerned about overpenetration, I suggest loading 75 gr. Hornady TAP as it does not do well through barriers at all.

    Here is the .223 75 gr. TAP in ballistic gel - Hornady : Law Enforcement | Products | 223 REM TAP® BTHP - 223 REM 75 GR TAP® BTHP

    You can see it penetrates to 12" and fragments over 60% of its mass which is good as it pretty much eliminates any chance of overpenetration. If the bullet does exit, it will have very little mass and very little velocity and will cause no harm to anyone.

    OTOH, well designed pistol bullets retain their weight through barriers and are more likely to penetrate deeply through them and injure people on the other side.

    FWIW, if you get a good optic like an Aimpoint or EOTech and some good training, you'll realize its actually harder to miss than it is to hit a target that's 5 to 20 feet away from you.
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    For Home defense IMHO a shotgun with an 18.5" barrel stoked with buckshot would be a better choice,I also have a 16" AR15 with 2 30 round mags just in case of a Zombie invasion,most home invaders are looking for a way to get out of dodge once shots are fired
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    PSA is kinda new on the scene, but there rifles seem to be top notch.

    They have been having some growing pains, customer service wise, because they're a new company.

    I would definitely get them over Bushmaster. Do a search on, as well as here, and you'll come away well informed.

    Based on my research, and the experience of respected members here and M4C, I shall never buy a Bushmaster.
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    Here we go!
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    PSA has been mentioned in other threads. I've never heard of them until a week ago. I hear they're good. I no experience with them, not like I'm an expert anyway.

    As far as ammo, .223 or 5.56 will both do just fine. You get around 200fps more out of 5.56, so it shoots flatter an extends it's fragmentation and effective range. But for indoor, home defense, this shouldn't be an issue, so .223 should serve you just fine. I'd stick with an OTM design like 75gr TAP for indoor home defense use. When it comes to self defense ammo, read the thread a few down from this one. It gets confusing, only because there are too many choices :) A LOT of good info on and about ammo choices. There are expanding rounds, fragmenting round, barrier blinds, etc.

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    I have a PSA Lower on my ar it only has around 500 rounds thru it but with the RRA 2 stage trigger and lower parts kit it shoots great and seems to hold up good against scratches and whatnot i wouldn't be concerned with getting another one

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    PSA is better the bushy... ALLOT!

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    I dont have a PSA, but in my inner circle at Manville (the range) I hear good things about them.
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    I have heard nothing but good things about PSA. My next purchase will be with them.
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