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    Anyone know anything about the SKS. Which is the best version. Russian, Chinese, etc. Also where to buy one online for a decent price. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks

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    Here's probably on e of the better sites for info on the SKS

    As for availability and price there are quite a few places where they are available at very good prices. Every issue of ShotgunWorld has quite a few ads for outfits selling them. Sometimes you can get a good shooter grade Yugoslavian for around $100.
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    Russian ones are nice, but they aren't cheap. You may get a used Norinco for a good price. Yugoslavian are currently the easiest to find. Check out what you are buying, because they are the only version that is not chrome lined, and they used corrosive ammo. Many of the cheaper ones will have dark bores, and some have complained about fouled up gas tubes. Some have had so much corrosion that they have had to be hammered opened. It is worth paying a little more for an "excellant", "new", or "unissued” grade. Here are a couple of sites…
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    I think the yugoslavian ones that are out there are the best ones for the money. I picked mine up for about $175. It is very well made and supprisingly accurate. I took mine on a successfull deer hunt last year. I also have a russian sks that I rarely shoot. The yugo is just more accurate. I have 4 rifles chambered in 7.62x39 and that big ugly heavy sks is my favorite to shoot.

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    I've owned a Chinese version since I was 18 (first gun I ever bought... ... ... ... {sorry back to modern day}) and have had no problems. It eats anything I feed it without jamming and it's accurate enough for plinking. Can't speak to the Russians or Yugos.
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    The Yugo's are almost certainly the best for value ($125 or so, from SOG or J&G) - my first SKS was a Yugo but it had a very black barrel - tho once cleaned up (Cosmo - yuk!) it has performed OK.

    I bought a used Norinco from my local dealer - paid a bit much for it - well more than a Yugo but, have found that to be my favorite.

    Also in another deal, bought a Romanian - that is quite nicely finished (no grenade launcher) and a good shooter. never got round to taking a pic of that one.

    Here is the Norinco -

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    I've got a Russian SKS. I don't much care for it.

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