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Which Mossberg 590A1, heavy wall or standard barrel???

This is a discussion on Which Mossberg 590A1, heavy wall or standard barrel??? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by atctimmy I don't see how that could be possible. A typo maybe? I'm not buying the clogged barrel argument. Are they making ...

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Thread: Which Mossberg 590A1, heavy wall or standard barrel???

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    Quote Originally Posted by atctimmy View Post
    I don't see how that could be possible. A typo maybe?

    I'm not buying the clogged barrel argument. Are they making heavy walled M4s or heavy walled m249s?
    Well, you have to carry two for the 249.

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    Well Merry Christmas to me...my wife gave me the green light to go buy a new gun for Christmas so I decided on the 590A1, 9 shot 20" heavy barrel with the speed feed stock and ghost ring sights.

    Here are a couple of pics rounding out my black gun self defense trio. Shown with my Stag Arms mod 2 and a few of my handguns, Glock 22 RTF2, Kimber TLE, and Springfield XD .45 Compact.

    Zombies come and get some!!!

    Which Mossberg 590A1, heavy wall or standard barrel???-590a1.jpg

    Which Mossberg 590A1, heavy wall or standard barrel???-zombie-attack-tools.jpg
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    Standard Mossberg 590

    Does anyone have a picture of a 20' 590 cy 12 with a heavy wall parkerized barrel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by orangevol View Post
    I'm looking for a new defensive shotgun and have decided on a Mossberg 590A1. Model numbers 51663 and 51668 have the heavy wall barrels and 50663 and 50668 have the standard barrel. The model numbers ending in 8 have the speed feed stock that hold 4 additional shells, 2 on each side.

    Is the speed feed stock better or worse than adding a side saddle shell holder to a standard stock?

    Is the heavy wall barrel model worth a few extra bucks?

    Let me hear your pros and cons...thanks in advance!
    I know this is an old thread, but late is better than never. I read the responses and no one addressed your questions! So I figured I'd post.

    1. The speed feed stock is a waste of time (worse). I own a 590a1 and have tried many times using it "tactically" as have my shooting partners. We all failed. The side saddle isn't as bad as the stock but again is the wrong approach. The BEST way to quickly load more rounds, it turns out is to keep them loose in an EASY to access pocket on your dominant hand side. The rounds are well large enough to tell which end is which with your hands in the DARK. PROS: They both look cool. CONS: Ineffective when time is CRITICAL.

    2. Heavy barrel - definitely worth the extra bucks. This shotgun "590a1", notice the "a1" part, is a MILITARY weapon. It WAS used by the US MARINES until it was succeeded by the M1014 (Benelli M4). Heavy barrels are used because they have more THERMAL MASS... meaning they take much longer to heat up. The reason you would want a heavy barrel is for SUSTAINED FIRE. This shotgun being a combat shotgun will see many rounds fired in a short period and the barrel will hold a more accurate pattern even during sustained fire. Heavy barrels (bull barrels) are also used in competition for the same reason. You may be firing 10-30 rounds in a short period and precision and time are important in those competitions as it is in combat. A standard barrel will become hot very quickly and the pattern will be much larger much faster. If this weapon is for HOME DEFENSE, you do not NEED the heavy barrel (but I'd personally get it anyway). PROS: More accurate during sustained fire. CONS: moderately heavier (however when your adrenaline is blasting you can lift a CAR).

    -Get yourself a "shooters bag" (shotshell holder). They are typically made of heavy canvas and can hold a truckload of shells (20-50). They typically have a snap clip belt with the bag attached and will run you around 20 to 30 bucks. When I hear something going on around my property I quickly snap on the belt and grab the Benelli M4. It takes just a couple seconds to put on and then I have that "easy to access pocket" FULL of shells on my right hip. I can fire 8+1 and fully reload the M4 in under 20 seconds. The reason I choose the Benelli M4 over the Mossberg 590a1 (and likely so did the US MARINES) is the fact that if I fire all rounds and need to reload, I can put even just 1 round in the Benelli's tube and immediately fire on target in a chance encounter by simply squeezing the trigger..... where as with the 590a1 I have to rack the pump AFTER loading a round in the tube and THEN I can fire. The Benelli is a tactically superior design. Both are excellent shotguns.

    -Get the heavy barrel. If you ever are in a situation that requires sustained fire in close quarters, the SHOTGUN and the heavy barrel are tried and a true... and you won't notice the extra weight.

    This is ALL the information you were looking for and require. Stay safe buddy.

    -Mr. Pepper-
    Formerly SGT PEPPER, US ARMY
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    Quote Originally Posted by atctimmy View Post
    I was under the impression that the heavier walled barrel was not for ammo but for the structural integrity of the barrel during hard core combat type use. You don't want to damage your barrel while you are smashing it down on your enemy's head.
    Thats how I understand it, too, Timmy. Heavy barrel built to withstand doors slamming on it, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by StormRhydr View Post
    Thats how I understand it, too, Timmy. Heavy barrel built to withstand doors slamming on it, etc.
    You missed my next post. I called the factory. It's about heat.

    Quote Originally Posted by atctimmy View Post
    OK because I'm a bit of a loser I called Mossberg today and asked them what the heavier walled barrel is for. I was told that it is primarily about heat. The heavy barrel model gun is designed for extended shooting and heavy use and the extra steel helps keep the barrel cooler than the thinner steel.
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    Well, if I'm caught in a situation where my volume-of-fire from a Mossberg pump is at risk of over-heating? I'm surely gonna' try to fight my way to...my AR!
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