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Kel-Tec Sub Rifle 2000 9mm Carbine: Yes or No

This is a discussion on Kel-Tec Sub Rifle 2000 9mm Carbine: Yes or No within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Would like to have one , think it would be a good little house gun. Especially like the ideal of using the glock mags. Have ...

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Thread: Kel-Tec Sub Rifle 2000 9mm Carbine: Yes or No

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    Senior Member Array Rigrat's Avatar
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    Would like to have one , think it would be a good little house gun. Especially like the ideal of using the glock mags. Have a High-point 9mm carbine and am liking it also. Just no high capacity mags with the High-point.

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    Ex Member Array rammerjammer's Avatar
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    I vote no. I don't like Kel Tec products after getting burned with one of them.

    If you're just looking for a good pistol caliber plinker I would recommend a Hi Point carbine. Cheaper and it has a lifetime warranty.

    If you're looking for something for real defense applications I would recommend something better than the kel tec or Hi Point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GunTrooper View Post
    The available 33 round mags are Glock, and they seem to be among the most reliable of high capacity pistol mags I have encountered. (I also have a Marlin Camp 9 and a Ruger PC4; the high capacity mags that I have acquired for them are not reliable at all...)
    That is because the Glock 33 round factory hi cap mags are quality while the aftermarket (Promag, National Mag, USA Mags) hi cap mags for the Camp 9 and PC are crap.

    Quote Originally Posted by rammerjammer View Post
    I vote no. I don't like Kel Tec products after getting burned with one of them.

    If you're just looking for a good pistol caliber plinker I would recommend a Hi Point carbine. Cheaper and it has a lifetime warranty.
    I agree with you that Kel Tec products quality can be spotty at best, That is why I don't own their handguns. But as someone who owns both a HP995 and KT Sub 2000 there is very little difference if any in quality of materials and workmanship between these two inexpensive carbines. Kel Tec will also fix the rifle for life under warranty. If you want a fun inexpensive plinker either will fit the bill. Since I own several AR's and AK's for more serious social work, that is the role they fill for me. But that being said, don't underestimate what these little "cheap" rifles can do. They are not toys and can lay down some highly effective firepower if called to do so.

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    The thing that is attractive to me about this idea is the "sharing ammo" concept, particularly since you can use your pistol mags. That feature may come in handy some day. Beyond that, I've not fired or held one and am not a 9mm guy so my opinion is totally without use to you. What's your gut say?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rogertc1 View Post
    The Sub 2000 is the cat's meow!!
    Indeed it is!!!! I have one in .40. Add a quad-rail, forend vertical grip, flashlight, and aimpoint....along some Hi Cap magazines and let the fun begin!

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    Member Array Justified's Avatar
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    my gut always says buy
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    Quote Originally Posted by Justified View Post
    my gut always says buy
    Then go with your gut!!

    If you gut said sell then I'd send you some Rolaids. : )
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    I have the .40 S&W version with the glock internals and love mine. Haven't had any mag issues or a single failure to feed yet. Love it!!

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    Member Array jackson85746's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Justified View Post
    So these little guys are starting to sound interesting to me. Any personal experiences with them? I am looking for some reports on accuracy, dependability, maintenance, ballistics, etc.

    I'm not sure where this will fit in with my collection but what the heck. What could it be used for? I got a .22 rifle for small game, got a .223 for something bigger, and a 12 gauge for the boom effect. The bonus is I do have a couple of Glock 9mm pistols so I already have a collection of magazines to work with the sub2000.
    Hey Justified: You stole my thread......not really. I have been thinking about the Sub 2000 for a few weeks now. Although our collections are similar we have the same small hole in our collections that could be filled with a utilitarian carbine like the Sub 2000. You just asked the quality question first. Thanks, now I can sit back be lazy and get the answer to my question on the reliability of the Kel Tec carbine.
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    I purchased a new Sub2000 earlier this year that uses the Sig P226 magazine so that I can use it with my Sig P229. I was able to purchase mine for $275. You will have fun and enjoy it. God Bless

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    Ex Member Array Bullet1234's Avatar
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    Makes sense to me ,,,,, but I have been considering the 40 cal
    version,,,, ,,,, I guess since I have a Glock model 22 in 40cal.
    The 40 would have fewer rounds per magazine,,,, 10, 15, & 22.

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    I plan to get a Sub9 with S&W mags to match my truck gun a Kel-tec P11 with the same mags. I will find one in 2012.

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    The answer is always yes. If you can afford to purchase a weapon, and you want it, buy it.

    Kel Tec has a lifetime warranty on everything the manufacture. As does HiPoint. In both cases, I have never heard of a customer that wasn't satisfied with the warranty service from either of these companies.

    I know that HiPoint is generous in their repair policy and will often send an extra magazine back with a repaired firearm... And I know that HiPoint honors the guarantee on the gun, whether you are the original purchaser or not.
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    I had a couple issues with my .40 version, but all is well now. It's a handy little guy. Fits perfect in a Craftsman cordless drill bag.

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    I want! I just couldn't find a 9mm one to save my life when I was actively looking for it. I'd also really love it if one was made to share XD mags... Fwiw, my keltec p3at has been perfectly reliable starting with the 2nd trip to the range, even after I dropped it in a river and several cleanings later, it still sounds like there's a bunch of sand in the works. Still fires every time, though.
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