Finally a range day

Finally a range day

This is a discussion on Finally a range day within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; A fellow shooter with my local IDPA invited me out to a membership range about an hour east of Denver for some shooting. Took along ...

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Thread: Finally a range day

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    Finally a range day

    A fellow shooter with my local IDPA invited me out to a membership range about an hour east of Denver for some shooting. Took along my rifle in the hopes of running it a little.

    Unfortuantely the range has specific membership range use policies, and rifles/carbines are not allowed on the action pistol berms (yet it is the same place they hold the 3 gun matches...odd). Might be a matter of getting vetted by the ROs to do QCB carbine shooting. If I decide to get a membership, which I probably will, I'll have to look into that.

    They do have multiple rifle ranges (200y sight in, 600y steel, 1000m large bore...)

    I ran about 60 rounds at the sight in range off the bench, and still hate irons Freakin' shotgun pattern. 6x scope got me a 3" 40 round group shooting reman LC 55gr., that I can live with.

    Wondered over to the steel range and started plinking away at the 12-18" gongs at 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 500, and 600 - bench or prone (I prefer prone).

    I have a new respect for the itty bitty .22cal AR rifle now. I thought for sure that any hits past 400 would be luck. Not so much. We determined that we were hitting that 600 a lot more than we thought. Had one guy out of three spotting, and you could definitely spot the misses, but very rarely could you hear that little 55gr thwak the 18" gong @ 500 and out), especially if someone else was sending a round down range. Not sure what energy it had left when it got there, but we were workin' it over pretty well.

    Mine ran smooth, and shooting both prone and bench left a nice consistent pile of brass at 5 O'clock and not too far away. I probably could have laid a 5 gallon bucket on it's side and landed them all right inside.

    I need to find an experienced shooter to run my rifle to get an honest review. The comments by the others were "It's a lot lighter than it looks and shoots nice. Stiff trigger (PSA LPK), but crisp."

    My Russian POSP scope, which I have now verified holds zero after multiple removes and installs. I spaced bringing out my camera, so here is a visual example of my FOV. I had added 1 click to my elevation (IIRC 1/2 MOA on the dial) while I was working the 400, then just used the hold over for 600. There is a third chevron where the circle is.

    Finally a range day-example-target-scope.jpg

    The other two guys I was with had some nice rifles as well, and I think we each cost each other some money, I see a Giselle trigger (SSAE) in my future, and I really like the ACOG optic ($1200 :shudder: ) - I am still waiting on my backordered Aimpoint. Once I figured out his optic (I did not see the range graduations under the horseshoe) I was able to hammer away with that one as well.

    The third guy, I did not get to shoot his, but he was running a 16" with a 3x9 Bushnell and was keeping a sub MOA 3 shot @100 shooting 75gr Hornady TAP. Amazing the difference between Silver Bear and quality ammo (SB was getting 2" groups @ 100). He also had an AAC can for his 9mm, and I am impressed. Even with supersonic ammo, I've heard cap guns that were louder, and the subsonic...the action on the pistol and AR made more noise. WOW is all I have to say about that.

    I only had 2 malfunctions - double feeds, and I am pretty sure it was one of my PMAGS. I am going to have to number them to verify.

    Overall the rifle aspect of the day was fun. I wished I had brought my PSL. Would have been nice to work that one at the 600. The guy that invited me is planning a 1000m shoot day, I am going to try to tag along with him when he does.

    I am down to 190 rounds, so my AR days are over until I get my reloads done. Still waiting on my dies. I have 2k rounds of new LC brass, 1k Hornady 55gr spire point, and 500 Sierra 77gr HPBT to load up. Every 3 days I learn something new about reloading rifle, and now I am thinking I need to get a loaded case go/no go gauge. My hopes of turning out 500 rounds a day on my progressive are dwindling fast.

    The handgun...not going to go into much detail, but I starting having nasty issues with FTFeeds. Starting to loose my faith in my Baby Eagles. My primary is getting hard chromed right now to cure the rust issue (I've never had any problems with her - 7k rounds), but my two backups are giving me fits. Poly is tearing up my fingers, and my BU steel evidently needs a new recoil spring to start with. Poly even had a FTF jam when I loaded back up with my carry ammo (that was a first). She did fine during the drills, then I switched over to the steel due to multiple blisters on my hand for the mock stages.

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    sounds like a good, honest report by someone who had a fun day.

    and knows how to appreciate it.

    loading 223 for accuracy is a labor of love...

    perhaps 80 to 100 per session.
    there are many aspects that go into making accurate ammo but one that decreases ( for me, anyways)
    after an hour or so is the consistency of motion with the press arm. this can effect the crimp which...
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    At 500 yards, xm193's energy should be in 240 range. 75gr TAP and 70gr TSX will be around 400 or so.

    1.5 MOA with m193 is really good. Glad you finally got to push it a bit.
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