Idea's on AR Slings and Magazines...

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Thread: Idea's on AR Slings and Magazines...

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    Another vote for a Vickers Sling. I would stay away from single point slings unless you like your rifle smacking your groin every time you let go of it or try to run.

    As far as mags I've got aluminum ones and haven't had any problems but I've never heard anything bad about a PMAG
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    I use the VTAC 2 point quick adjust sling and PMags. They're awesome!
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    Pour up a cup of your favorite beverage, get comfortable, and read the following:

    Which AR sling do you use, and why?

    This info gives a better insight to 'why' one sling may be better than another, or 'why' one simply preferred one over another.
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    Oh, I forgot to mention this earlier.... The VCAS sling has an option of Acetel (sp?), which is basically a strong plastic, and all metal hardware like the slider and the eyelets or whatever they're called.

    I have four of them and didn't realize it was an option since I didn't buy them from Blueforce Gear. My padded version is all metal but I assumed that was just the deal with the padded sling. Anyway, it's a $20 option through Blueforce Gear.

    My non-metal ones have held up fine with two taking some serious abuse. Still, had I known at the time, I would have opted for metal as I always choose he most robust option.
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