Im sure some of you are familiar with Bad-ASS ambi selectors for your AR. They offer 7 levers that you can mix and match. the levers attach with a screw but also fit into place on the selector. at first I doubted how secure they'd be, but with Loctite, it's extremely sturdy and durable. Similar to the KAC ambi selectors right side.

They also offer a 45 degree selector which at first I wasn't sure was that big of a deal since that's what my SCARs have, but once I used one it made a huge difference. It's quicker to get the rifle in action but with the 45 you no longer need to adjust your grip in any way, just pop it back onto safe with the top of your thumb.

This leads me to the reason i started this thread and their newest addition, the CASS-3P (Combat Ambi Safety Selector - not sure about the 3P though). This one, the levers attach via a dovetail. This takes all of the stress off of the screws and even if they should loosen a bit, the levers will stay tight.

I received my CASS-3p about a week ago and it just feels extremely solid. All of their selectors come with a KNS detent and everything is precision machined and hardened. They feel so smooth and quickly snap into place. I was surprised at the difference they make. Engaging and disengaging the safety feels smoother and more solid, I guess. It really is a great addition and I have one on all of my rifles.

The 90 degree selectors run about $65, the ceracoated (or duracoated) selectors are maybe $15 or $20 more. The 45 degree selectors are closer to $80 and the CASS-3P should be closer to $95 or $100. They're in production but have not started offering them due to packaging, I received an early sample.

Roger (Duffy on m4carbine) is an amazing guy and truly takes care of his customers. He offers a LE/mil discount as well.

Here's a thread on m4carbine about the selectors, which is over 75 pages long now and offers much better info than I've posted.

BAD-A.S.S. (ambi selector) just arrived......w/ pics - Forums

Here's a pic of one of mine, which has a standard lever on the main side and a hybrid on the support side. I now run the 45's with the standard and short/thin combo, which is how I'll eventually run the CASS-3P's as well, but right now that only has a standard and a short lever.

Here's the CASS-3p and a regular Bad-ASS 45 degree selector, notice the dovetail on each side.

Here's their site as well.