I've been in the market for a "fun gun" in 5.56 for a while now -- something to take to the range, and, of course, one can never have too many guns. I have a S&W M&P15 already, but this C-93 is giving me a twitchy wallet-finger. Seen a few for around $500 floating around online. It's essentially an H&K 93 copy, even made with some decommissioned german parts. What interests me so much about it is that a) it looks beautiful, and b) it uses a delayed roller system.

From what I've read, the biggest problems people can run into with these guns are the bolt gap being out of spec, and I've also heard the gun tends to dent up brass pretty bad and ejects at odd angles. Neither of the latter two problems would bother me as I don't reload and I am a right handed shooter, but the bolt gap does have me a little concerned.

Anyone have own one of these? I'm real close to "jumping the gun" and ordering one!