Pistol Grips for shotties -- which are the best?

Pistol Grips for shotties -- which are the best?

This is a discussion on Pistol Grips for shotties -- which are the best? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Now, I know there are many out there who dislike pistol grips on shotguns with a passion , but there are many others who use ...

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Thread: Pistol Grips for shotties -- which are the best?

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    Pistol Grips for shotties -- which are the best?

    Now, I know there are many out there who dislike pistol grips on shotguns with a passion , but there are many others who use them effectively and like them, so I'm putting these questions to you.

    Which pistol grip is least damaging to the hand/wrist? I've heard many people tell me that firing a shotgun with a pistol grip can seriously screw up your wrist and lead to handcaps later on in life, is this true? If so, I was thinking that the speedfeed style(seen below) might be the best.

    That aside, what kind of pistol grip do you put on your shotgun?

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    The grip pictured is best I think for entry operations. But I personally would not have a pistol grip on any of my shotties. Even with an open choke or NO choke, the famed ultra wide pattern of the splatter-gun is largely myth. Especially at personal defense ranges inside a dwelling. You can still miss. That means you still have to aim. Think of the doctrine of missed projectiles with a handgun. Every missed round is a potential innocent bystander down elsewhere? Well, now you've got TONS of projectiles in flight, each posing a similar risk. Yes, if you are close enough, a shottie is the ultimate home defense weapon. I prefer to aim. Who knows, the range might lengthen and I might have to go to specialty ammo....like a slug.

    A shottie isn't for solo room clearing. It's backup for a room clearing team and used to blow hinges off doors. It's difficult to move effectively in a tactical manner even with the short barrel and pistol grip combo. You'll have a tendency to lead with the barrel in tight spaces. If somebody grabs the barrel what do you do? Well, I was taught to take a GIANT step to the rear and pull the trigger. This will have the effect of bringing the muzzle back to center mass, if the BG is still hanging on. That's why the object is to get to a safe covered position inside the home where you have commo capability and firepower. Aka...the Street Howitzer. Fort up and wait for the cavalry. Make the BG's assume the worst possible tactical position to get to you and yours.
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    That aside, what kind of pistol grip do you put on your shotgun?
    The same stock it came with. I cant shoot worth a crap w/h pistol grips.

    P.S: I leave pistol grips, and thigh holsters for the movies.
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    No doubt in my mind that Knoxx makes the best stocks and pistol grips made with by far the least affects on the hand or anything else.

    A few to look at!

    The SpecOps folder will give you the best of both worlds. This is Coming soon so keep a look out


    The COPStock is also nice but I would hold out for the SpecOps folder if wanting both options.


    The BreachersGrip/Pistol grip by Knoxx is the way I'd go if looking for a pistol grip only configuration.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Risque007 View Post
    Now, I know there are many out there who dislike pistol grips on shotguns with a passion
    From my personal experience will such an ill advised idea; don't do it. If I a pistol grip is your flavor, keep also the buttstock. I have used such a device, a 12 gauge with only a pistol grip, in a few actual experiences. As others may have mentioned, the shot will not widen up like you expect. It is certainly destructive, though. Also, if you are anything like me, your reaction when shooting will be to draw the shotgun up into the position it would be if it had a buttstock. Your enemy will eat lead and you will eat the shotgun. Consider carefully how this will actually go down in dire situations, and go with the equipment that best fits your training. In my experience you will immediately and unflinchingly fall back upon years of shooting, whether what you have in your hands fits that or not.

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    The only one I'd use is the breecher fron Knoxx.

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    As others have said don't do it! This seriously screws up the accuracy of your shots. If you have to have this, then consider getting a folding stock for you shotgun.
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    I've played with pistol grips, and not found them uncomfortable, but I definitely second Ex- its a very limited utility item. Pretty much the hinge-blaster, or sawed-off, stick-it-in-their-gut-on-the-street-corner accessory.

    Given the fact that you can't shoulder your long gun, you just reduced the usefulness of your shotty by 60%.

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    The ones that come attached to a shoulder stock.

    I thought it would be cool when I got my Mossy to put the pistol grip it came with on and take it for a spin.

    It soon was removed after it was only shot twice with it on. I think I did the second shot just to prove to myself that it did indeed hurt as much as I thought.

    Now my shotgun has a pistol gripped stock on it, best of both worlds without the pain.

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    Agree with Wayne, I have a pistol grip with buttstock on my Mav 88. I like to carry rifled slugs/ 00 buck in mine and without the shoulder/buttstock- OUCHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Leave that kind of stuff to the military/ LEO's they train with it.
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    I've used one on a Mossberg. But that was back when I could practice weekly with it. It was an IC 18"bbl Persuader that came with the PG from the factory. I also loaded either #4 or #1 buck in it.

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