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Thread: help me spend $750(ar15)

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    I was about to buy a PSA lower and rifle kit and build my own, then I saw that I could build a BCM rifle for a little bit more (but deal with the hassle of them rarely having all of the components in stock at the same time). Whenever I do buy, I'd like to have the BCM, but I don't think the PSA will be anything to laugh at, either.

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    Assembling a lower is easy. Use quality parts, not the cheapest or fanciest you can find. PSA - unknown manufacturer LPK but mine seems to be holding up OK after 2k rounds. BCM - good parts. Colt - the best you will get (G&R tactical).

    It requires some mechanical aptitude, a few tools, and the ability to follow directions to the "T" - not a male trait.

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    Uh.......,now both are owned by the same company,so it prob does'nt matter,Save a little longer and get a Colt LE 6920.

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    For the money you want to spend I would build one. It's easy and you will know your weapon inside and out.
    Get a stripped lower and you can find more than one company that will sell you a complete AR kit with upper and lower parts kit as well as a stock of your choice.
    I built one a year ago for about 545.00 without BUIS and Optics.

    Midway USA has a video that will show you how to put the lower together.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueNinjaGo View Post
    As a newbie to AR-15's myself, the problem I have with that article is that it's over 4 years old. So many companies and products have sprouted up that it's not exactly up-to-date. This is the issue that I run into with a lot of 'Newbie buying guides'.
    When I was shopping, I knew nothing about "chrome lined barrels", "magnetic particle testing", "1 in 7 twist", "blue or green buffers", "M-4 feed ramps", Staked gas blocks", or any of a bunch of other information. The article covered all of those. It's behind on brands, yes.
    I just hate to see people say, "Get a Spikes" or "get a Daniel defense." I always wanted to know why.
    When I went to, all those guys seemed to be in the Marines, and slept with their rifles. They were way beyond what I needed.

    Oh, and I wanted to have something I could sell (brand name) if I hated it. That's worth something too.

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    Smith M&P 15 Sport ... I just bought one last week, amazing rifle so far for the money, and not one bad review anywhere

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    I highly recommend to save a touch longer and get a quality AR. I am a big fan of Daniel Defense, Colt, Bravo Company, Noveske
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    Quote Originally Posted by hrufrdr1 View Post
    Unless you're in the jungle, or Iraq, you won't need the dust cover; the forward assist is unnecessary.
    This is not true. A dust cover is a good addition in most environments. My rifles get filthy and I use my dust cover every time I'm out.

    Have you ever shot in the snow? I mean really got on it, not just from a bench? If so, you'll see there is a need for the forward assist. Actually, you're more likely to need one in cold, wet environments than you are in the desert.

    Just because it's not necessary for one does not in any way mean it's not a valuable addition.

    There is a reason things are done a certain way.

    Stay away from DPMS if possible. S&W will be a better choice than DPMS and likely a better value than Bushmaster. Just because some are owned by the same company does not mean they're built to the same specs. S&W is honestly the lowest I'd go. I prefer to spend just a couple bucks more and get a Bravo Co, Colt, etc. there is a difference.

    What's a green or blue buffer on an AR?
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    If it's strictly a fun range plinking rifle, I'd get an M&P15 Sport, or better yet if it's going to be nothing more than a toy, the M&P15-22.

    If you're looking for a defensive rifle, Jon ^^^^^^^^^^^^ is the guy to talk to on this forum. My opinion, M&P15's are the minimum I'd go. I own an M&P15 and I adore it!!! I learned late though, after my purchase that there are better options for the same cost. I paid $1000 for my M&P15X. At the time the going rate for Colts and higher end AR's were $1200-1500. Now Colts have dropped under $1000. I'm not really "regretful", seeing as though I do like my M&P15 and I've made a few minor changes to it's quality, but I'll admit, it would be nice to have a Colt, BCM or Noveske etc. Now that I'm done defending my M&P15........ For under $750, I'd go with an M&P15 Sport. If you feel the need to change to an upper with a forward assist and dust cover later down the road, upper receivers from BCM aren't too expensive and only require a few special tools and a youtube video or two to figure out how to install. Upper Receiver Assembly - M4 Flat Top

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    Check AIM Surplus for a spikes tactical upper. They work great and some come with MOE hand guards

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    @OP: If you are patient you can buy an entire rifle from Palmetto State Armory for about $750 and it will be much nicer than a DPMS, Bushy or M&P Sport.

    ETA: Link

    16'' Hammer Forged Mid-Length Rifle Kit - Rifle Kits - AR-15

    Price on this rifle kit is $599 and if you add all of the Magpul goodies including a rear site you come out at $729. Add in shipping to your door and you're at $750 for ALL the MagPul bells and whistles. The only other thing you would need is a stripped lower and they can be had for around 50 to 75 bucks.

    If you go with the regular furniture and a PSA rifle kit you can be around $675 total for a good quality rifle. If you opt for all of the MagPul goodness then you are probably around $825 total. Or you can opt for anything in between those two numbers.
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