The double barrel..still viable?

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Thread: The double barrel..still viable?

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    The double barrel..still viable?

    I love a good double, especially a coach gun for the home. Is it still a viable arm with the Saigas and other short barreled high cap semi's/pumps on the market?
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    Looking at a pair of snake eyes really does tell someone to go away in any language.
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    Quote Originally Posted by boatail View Post
    I love a good double, especially a coach gun for the home. Is it still a viable arm with the Saigas and other short barreled high cap semi's/pumps on the market?

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    My opinion, yes. Nothing says get out like staring down the barrel of a shotgun. Not many people are going to stick around to see if yours has a 50 round mag are not. Though I do prefer the sound of a slide racking in the dead of the night as nearly every BG knows to avoid that sound.
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    I still wouldn't want to get shot by one if that answers your question.
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    The double barrel..still viable?
    Very much so.

    I dont think anyone is going to ignore it if it is pointed in their direction.
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    Originally Posted by boatail

    I love a good double, especially a coach gun for the home. Is it still a viable arm with the Saigas and other short barreled high cap semi's/pumps on the market?[/

    Quote Originally Posted by marcclarke View Post

    To futher your education on the use of the double, go watch a couple of Cowboy Action matches and watch those cowboys handle their doubles. You will be surprised.

    After shootng CAS for over 20 years I am comfortable with the double
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    Only you can answer that question. A 12 gauge buckshot load out of a double barrel will drop someone just as sure as it will out of a Saiga. If you're comfortable with using it in that role then I think you have your answer. All I would suggest is to make sure you practice a quick reload on it, should you decide to use it.
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    Yep, I keep a double barrel coach gun with 00 Buck handy.
    It's a cheap one but it works and it's lighter and much more handy than a 590 or 870 to me, not to mention the fact that this thing could really clear a hallway if you drop both hammers.

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    Do not rely on appearance to intimidate! This is not a tactic to employ especially since most home invasion encounters probably take place in diminished light conditions. Not sayin' that intimidation isn't an advantage if and when it occurs, just don't count on it to save your bacon!
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    If you already own one, you're very comfortable with it, and you are willing to bet your life on it... I'd say it's good enough.
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    The double would be great for a quick "one-two" punch but it probably wouldn't be good form to drop the hammers simultaneously as a tactic for clearing a hallway. Besides being brutal on the shooter it's more of a chore to get both barrels off at once by pulling both triggers while keeping the piece pointed in a direction where it will do the most good. That would take practice and no one is going to relish practicing shooting both barrels simultaneously once they've tried it a few times. The shotgun still needs to be properly aimed. It's not a "room clearer" by virtue of its spread unless you live in an awfully large house with very long rooms.
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    I'm wondering if boatail was thinking about how many stories of multiple BG's are out there.

    Seems like every home invasion that happens near enough for me to catch on the local news involves more than one BG.

    Don't get me wrong, this question would be a great one-liner in a movie before BG meets his demise....

    but what about his buddies right behind him?

    I would also advocate against the mind-set of "the racking of the slide will scare them off"

    That will work for some, but will it work for the jacked-up junkie looking for a quick score?
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    VERY MUCH so. Don't own one(have my 870 Tactical in bedroom closet)..but would love to. What this country needs(other than a good $3 cigar)is an AMERICAN-made coach gun. Might make a good business oportunity!
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    I have yet to hear of anyone needing more than 2 blasts from a shotgun to clear uninvited guests from inside their home.

    My shotgun has a limited role - covering the door when we are all inside the safe room. That's all. A double can do that as well as anything else. Especially since it would be backed up by myself and my wife, both of us also with handguns.

    The only reason I do not use a double is because I'm not too crazy about the idea of keeping it loaded with the safety on, since my understanding is that most long guns in general are not drop safe. I use a pump, because I can keep it with a loaded mag tube, unloaded chamber, safety off. Completely safe, but only a pump away from ready.

    I'm also not too crazy about doubles with exposed hammers. Seems cocking the hammers would be slower than just pumping a pump action.

    If I could find a modern, single trigger double that was drop safe, I'd probably get one. They do break down nice and small for travel. And for road trips, you could keep one in the car, unloaded (and thus legal everywhere), yet load it and have it ready to go in a flash. Backed up by your normal CCW handgun, it would be a potent long gun to have in that situation. (actually, they're so short and handy you feel funny calling them a "long" gun...)

    I was actually just looking at the Mossberg Maverick HS-12. Not sure if it is drop safe, though. (ETA - I called Mossberg. The HS-12 is NOT drop safe. Bummer. I told the guy on the phone that if they made one that WAS drop safe and advertised it as such, they'd likely sell all they could ever make...)

    As far as the Saiga goes - I'd love to see how reliable they are, after the plastic shells have been under spring pressure in the vertical mags for a few years...
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