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My First "Dancing Pony"...I couldn't help myself, the Kool-Aid was too good

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Thread: My First "Dancing Pony"...I couldn't help myself, the Kool-Aid was too good

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    Awesome fire arm....on my wish list....good price there also.
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    Congrats on your Colt.

    The better half brought home 200rds of .45 and 100rds of .357 from wally world today. She mentioned a Colt (for same price) and a Bushmaster in the 800's in their display case. They have always had shotguns and 10/22's and I've seen the Colt .22 AR before as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gottabkiddin View Post
    Very nice! Congrats. I took the plunge myself. Just this passed Tuesday I picked up my S&W M&P15 Sport in 5.56. I paid $639 and change for it and am happier than a pig in pooh about it. I'm a little bummed about one thing though. I was thinking that the 556 caliber would be a good deer round too, but while at the range yesterday one of the guys said it was under powered for deer. He said I could, or should buy a new upper and go up in caliber if I wanted to use it for deer hunting. He also said that the caliber was mainly designed to be a wounding round and not necessarily a man stopper. This goes against what I read about it; I read that the 556 & 223 rounds were nasty rounds because they tend to tumble on impact which makes for a devastating wound cavity. Oh well, he kept trying to sell me a new upper, but I told the guy rather than buying a new $600 upper from him that I would just pickup a 30.06 rifle scope combo and call it a day. Bass Pro shops has um for $350 or so. He pretty much shut up then and I went about my business sighting in my red dot.Again, congrats on the new AR. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I'm enjoying mine.
    Not to hijack the thread but in Missouri it is illegal to hunt deer with any .22 caliber weapon...That being said I have heard of guys in other states using them with great effect on deer for exactly the reason you mentioned; they create a devastating wound channel...Now, back on track.

    Oh, and congrats on an awesome gun for and awesome price!
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    Congrat's on the colt ar. I took the plunge also, I was torn between the Colt and the Red Jacket, I looked at the Red Jacket and went back to wally world of china, and brought back the Colt.
    I felt that the Red Jacket was of cheap quality. Now I need a quad rail to add to it.
    Does anyone know what the proper measurment is for the LE6920 is ??? for the quad rail ? I'll order it online so need the real measurment.

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    Didn't know that natuzzi leather recliners came with those as an accessory??

    Very nice .......

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