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...is there a sort of "Rifle 101" page/thread/site anybody knows about? Or can anyone give me a brief overview? I'm thinking about designating my next-gun-fund to a tactical rifle, but all the Ms and ARs and AKs and numbers make my head spin.

I've grown up around shotguns and feel like I'm pretty well-read on handguns after entering the world of CCW. I've had the opportunity to shoot with a good friend of mine who has a pretty decent collection of rifles, but other than the AK in my avatar, most of them are WWII guns and collector's items.
Everyone starts out ignorant

Some research you just have to do yoursef

1, semiauto Rifle platform choice (AK , AR, 0ther piston type. )

2. Caliber ( light , heavy . NATO or Civilian caliber. )

3. Optics and accesories.

Military vets and LEO types usually go with what they were issued/trained on.

There's really no BAD answer - just buy Brand name rifles - quality ammo - and get some training on your gear.

I recommend reading one of the dedicated rifleboards for awhile.