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"You Don't Have to Aim a Shotgun!" Mythbusting Video

This is a discussion on "You Don't Have to Aim a Shotgun!" Mythbusting Video within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; it applies if you are using 00 ..... I don't use 00.... I use # 2's.... and have 6 rounds I can shoot in one, ...

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Thread: "You Don't Have to Aim a Shotgun!" Mythbusting Video

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    it applies if you are using 00 ..... I don't use 00.... I use # 2's.... and have 6 rounds I can shoot in one, or use the double barrel one (2 I have ready for home defense). I'm sure I won't have to aim "real well".

    Trap shooting, I used to shoot around 196-198 out of 200 rounds consistently. But , it's a small rapid moving target.... I'm sure in a SD situation, they won't be moving near that fast and the targets are MUCH BIGGER & much closer. And if I use the double barrel and let both barrels go at the same time, I'm sure it will be effective. The handgun is for anything else that's still moving... and is a threat.

    But, if you are 10-20 yrds away and using 00, then you best be aiming really well.
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    Very good video thanks for taking the time.

    If you have the time then next one should be a overpeneration test of bird buck slug and pistol with drywall, i have had many people tell me to use bird in hd because it wont penetrate dywall(the wad will go thru lol)

    Note: bird will go thru and will let you down in hd
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    Home defense gun definitely.....but only use bird shot as buck will go through walls.

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    Here we go again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by luvmy40 View Post
    ....akin to point and shoot drills with a handgun, as in you are still aiming just not with the sights.
    This seems to make sense to me... I think the myth is generally one of semantics. "Pointing the gun in the general direction" is not the same as pointing the barrel at the intended target. "pointing in the general direction" for me conjures up an image of someone sticking a shotgun out from behind cover or over the top of a barricade and pulling the trigger without seeing the target. Or someone shooting in the direction of a target that is concealed and hoping to hit it. I cannot actually picture someone who can see the target NOT pointing their shotgun at that target when they shoot at it...

    Pointing the barrel at the intended target is a form of aiming, just not as precise as looking through sights. Point and shoot would be quicker, and quicker is better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amsdorf View Post
    The myth is that you can blast the bad guy by relying on the shotgun to put out a hail/cloud of lead, with no aiming whatsoever, just Rambo it from the hip.
    I'll agree. I'm a fan of P/G shotties, for my reasons, but the first time I took one to an outdoor range, the target was at about 40', and a large paper style target.
    I shot #4 buckshot, and from the hip as normal for this type gun.
    I wanted to see how it patterened. After my first shot, I walked to the target,
    and there wasn't a single hole in the paper. Yikes!
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    Busby hello and welcome to the forum.

    Home defense gun definitely.....but only use bird shot as buck will go through walls.

    No offense but I hope you were being sarcastic. Birdshot is not really a viable option for home defense for a number of reasons. At close distances the pattern will be more dense than buckshot and will easily penetrate walls, it also lacks the incapacitation needed for longer distances.
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    "You Don't Have to Aim a Shotgun!" Mythbusting
    Never met a duck that didn't know the truth about that. Rarely ever caught a duck by failing to aim. Reality can be rough, particularly hip-deep in a freezing pond during duck season ...

    'Pointing' versus 'aiming' seems to be far more accurate for me, as a technique.
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