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This is a discussion on Home defense shotgun choice within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by yz9890 My only experience with auto's is the Rem 1100 and Win X3 and I had reliability issues with both. I just ...

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Thread: Home defense shotgun choice

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    Quote Originally Posted by yz9890 View Post
    My only experience with auto's is the Rem 1100 and Win X3 and I had reliability issues with both. I just like the simple pump for HD.
    Must keep the gas ports clean and the seals pliable. The semi autos will take a bit more maintenance than the pumps for sure. Put a scope or Red Dot on an auto via side or top mount and over-tighten the screws or screws too long can easily bind the bolt.

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    My .02. I have a mossberg 590A1 and love it. It hold 9 rounds and has a 20 inch barrrel. Some of the other 500 varietals have a shorter barrel nad give up a round or 2. If I need 9 rounds I got bigger problems (Zombies duh!!!) The Remington 870 is the other highly touted HD scattergun. Again I feel like for the price the Mossberg is def the way to go. Mine has held up to some rough treatment and still handles flawlessly.

    Good luck and when you decide post pics! I want a coach gun just for the heck of it, so if you can get both. Dont try to justify one to serve double duty.

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    For absolute simplicity you would be hard pressed to beat the coach gun, just because it's a old idea dosen't mean that it still isn't practical. Next would be a 500/590 or 870 with a 18-20" barrel and a youth stock.
    Realistically speaking a HD shotgun is going to be shot very little and stored alot.

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    May want to check this Moss out. 500 JIC

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    Re: autoloader shotguns for HD... the autoloaders I own are exceptionally reliable when fired from the shoulder, however they tend to not cycle reliably if fired say... from the hip. It may be just that the ones I own are all similar to the Browning A5 recoil system. Anyway, I can see potential HD scenarios where firing from the shoulder may not be likely. I'm a big fan of the Mossberg 500 series pump shotguns, but personally I prefer a carbine length AR or an AR pistol for HD.

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    Moss 590 SP. It's accurate anywhere from 5 ft to 100 yds, and it's a "blast" to shoot.

    Home defense shotgun choice-mossberg-590-sp.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post
    My opinion? Get one of the nice auto loaders like a 930SPX or Rem1100 or Ithaca SKB 300 (or the Winchester 1300 as mentioned above) then buy an extra barrel for your trap shooting. I would say less than $500 on brand new items and maybe a hundred less on used items all together. I just can't seem to wrap my mind around a double duty home defense/trap shotgun without at least swapping barrels.
    Taking a hd shotgun to a sporting clay field is prolly the best thing to do, not only does a 20" no choke do great at it, there is no other best way to pratcice target aquizition at fast paces and every 'hole' is different. I just learned my shot pattern quick and shot my shots, not how others would shoot. Allways fight your fight.

    Pump reliably is great, one thing about shotgun autoloaders is they have to be buffered right since of different power loads, so if you get one make sure you shoot the heck out of your hd load to make sure it goes smooth.
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    OP - I have considered a coach gun myself, but IMHO a home defense shotgun needs to be kept loaded in order to be of use. Problem is, most long guns are NOT drop safe. Therefore, it is not safe to keep a coach gun loaded.

    When the Mossberg Maverick home defense O/U came out, I was really interested. Handled one in my local gun store, and it is really nice. But...called Mossberg up, and sure enough, they say it is not drop safe.

    Therefore, I would stick with a pump or semi auto. Keep it with a full mag tube, chamber empty, safety set to "fire." Completely safe, until you chamber a shell, which is much faster than trying to load a double while under stress.
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    I'm not very concerned about "drop safe". It sits ready to go in a long box or on the wall in a shotlock. it can be dropped at any time anyway and I'm certainly not going to wait to chamber a round until I'm ready to fire so I don't see the difference when I load it.

    I do understand that others are concerned about it though and if you're concerned then by all means take action. whatever makes you comfortable.

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    i recently went through this thought process myself. went with the remington 879 express. added a side saddle shell holder and a limb saver pad. works great. as with anything. practice practice practice. I am thinking of swapping the stock for a youth stock.

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    I bought the CZ coach gun because it has external hammers.

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    First, you can use any shotgun to shoot trap with - if you enjoy the game enough, eventually you'll get a more appropriate gun for the game. I would not factor that into the purchase decision at all.

    As far as shotguns in the home and only having 2 shots - please remember that at across the room distances there's no difference, in terms of spread of projectiles, btwn a shotgun, rifle, or pistol.

    It sounds like you've have very limited exposure to shotguns so here are some thoughts:

    As far as simplicity of a coach gun, that only extends to picking it up and pulling the trigger, but the same can be said for any other action type when the gun is already loaded. You have to look at the entirety of use, to include how long you get to shoot and what it takes to reload. I've seen some awkward moments with break open guns. What if, in the heat of the moment you don't open the action enough or forcefully enough to eject the empty hulls; or there's limited room to open the action; or you fumble those shells when you're trying to load? Can you reload on the fly like with a semi or pump?

    What happens if you short stroke a pump when the SHTF?

    30 yrs ago Massad Ayoob wrote "In the Gravest Extreme" and in it, or "The Truth About Self Defense", he discussed different types of shotguns. He came to the conclusion that when people are breaking into your home he would lay odds on the engineers and machinists at Remington/Mossberg/Winchester and them producing a semi-auto shotgun that will work when you need it over a homeowner not short stroking or otherwise causing a pump to malfunction. Let's face it - the person behind the trigger is most often the weakest link, so do what you can to isolate that link. The less input you have into the mechanics, the better. I don't mean that as directed to the OP directly, but to people in general. Surely, the mechanics of semi-auto shotguns are even better now.

    You shouldn't be firing from the hip anyway.

    Also, a 20 ga will be lighter, smaller, and easier to maneuver as well.

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    Benelli M4. If it's good enough for the USMC it's good enough for me.
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    Re. the Benelli M4. Check these vids out:

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    Home defense shotgun choice-tacpump1.jpg
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