Rem. 870 locked-up, need advice/help! (Took pics.) Noobish questions.

This is a discussion on Rem. 870 locked-up, need advice/help! (Took pics.) Noobish questions. within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I had the same issue with cheap ammo as the guy in the video did. I switched to remington shells and haven't had a single ...

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Thread: Rem. 870 locked-up, need advice/help! (Took pics.) Noobish questions.

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    I had the same issue with cheap ammo as the guy in the video did. I switched to remington shells and haven't had a single issue

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    OK, so I cant help too much without my hands on it, but being educated by the Army, I have to point out the obvious DUH things.
    Said the slide locked forward after a fail-to-feed?
    Either way, if the trigger has not been pulled, or the slide lock button depressed, the weapon will not allow the slide to come back. This is a safety feature so that while using it, the user does not accidentally open the slide and let the shell be ejected before firing.

    I always have to point out the simple things, because those are the most common.

    If this isn't the case try the clearing drill Sleipnir mentioned.
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    This happens occasionally with the 870. Remove the cap on the magazine to release pressure on the spring. The shell will come right out.
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    The same thing happened with my Ithaca. Both shell stops needed adjustment. One was bent and the other had a burr.

    The shell stops are the little fingers that pop up and prevent the shell from popping out of the magazine at the wrong time.

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    I have owned an 1100 and it never jammed but just remove the tube cap and the shells just come out and after you clear it of all live ammo I would send it in for a checkup. if this happens once that’s too many times for me. I have 2 Mossberg’s and they have seen mud and trash in the action and never had a jam

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10thmtn View Post
    That Winchester Super X is cheap junk ammo - it is the only ammo that has locked up my Rem 870.

    For cheap target loads, I use Federal. No problems.
    You called it! Good eye. Thanks. The ammo locked up the entire action of the weapon. The owner just ended up taking it to the LGS and had them fix it, better safe than sorry.

    I said I was going to reply and report back what caused the problem. Sorry for the delayed reply.

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