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Best Tactical Shotgun?

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Thread: Best Tactical Shotgun?

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    I'm very happy with Larry, Moe and Curley...........Sandpiper

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    Question Tactical shotgun????

    Any one looked down the bbl of a 12 ga shotgun whether pump, autoloader, single shot or leaver action knows half the self defence battle is won by the HOLE. my personel is a WWII rigged 1897 with #4, #4, #4. If this don't work, makes a good club.

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    I have a Winchester "ranger" model 1300, 22" barrel, Charles Daley 18.5" with the marine finish, and a Mossberg Model 88, maverick. All three cost less than 700 bucks. Got them spaced around the house behind doors (no kids around). If your not gonna' shoot them everyday, all day, why spend alot on a high dollar shotgun. I shot all of these to get comfortable with their feel and cleaned them really good and stood them in the corners. That's where they will stand until there needed. I have put about a box through each one and I'm satisfied that they will do what I want. You gotta get what you feel good about.

    Really a great HD weapon............Ya' gotta wonder if I'm paranoid I guess........................................NO !!!

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    Happy with my 870 "Tactical" model 81198.

    Went ahead and replaced the extractor for the all steel version, replaced sear and extractor springs, and replaced the safety with the Vang Comp Big Dome safety. Easy replacement and would definitely recommend it for those of you who are thrown off by the safety location on an 870.

    Played with a couple of Mossbergs at the time and they did not feel as solid as the 870, but that is just my opinion of course.

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    Every where I read, three makes for HD shotguns come up...Remington 870, Mossberg 500, and the last one that hasn't been mention in the thread is the Benelli Nova or Supernova. I'm leaning towards the Benelli, but, as always, I dig reading the insights of folks with more knowledge and experience on this forum. Thanks, all!
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    Best Tactical Shotgun?

    Benelli M3
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    i like my mossberg 930 basic model.
    if i had to do it again, id look for a 20 gauge youth model with adjustable stock. so i can keep consistent stance as with my AR, squared off shoulders.
    semi auto is the way to go if you dont mind the premium. easy to shoot fast, and easier operation for lesser trained family members.
    mossberg's thumb safety, on a normal stock, is super fast and easy to use. better than standard trigger guard button safety IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FAST454 View Post
    I just picked up a Winchester SXP Defender, the action on this gun is so much smoother than my Mossburg 500 that there is no comparision.
    Check out the ATI ( Advanced Technologies International) site. great tactical package add ons fpr all brands. Just decked out my SXP with the Talon T2 adjustable stock with tactical fore arm and mag follower for $127.00 freight paid! They give 15% Military Discount!

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    i own a Moss 590 defender. (mostly about safety, and in the 90's it came as "tactical" as i wanted, I.E- tube capacity, barrel length, and ok, a heat sheild, big deal)

    i like 870 youth 20 ga. for women and...youth - got one for my first and second wife. both like and kept the guns.

    if i was rich i'd get a Benelli, and M4 first, and then the rest.

    Saiga's..... are great in theory, and i wanted one 5 years ago when they were under $500, then i shot one. magazines=stink, magazine catch=stinks, ergo's=stink, sight picture=stink, fit & finish= stink, recoil's harder than *I* think it should(completely subjective)....and shooting at clays with one??? well, it's an AK47 turned into a shotgun, how do you think it points at airborn targets??

    EDIT- guess i should add i'm not actually tryin to hate on the Saiga. but it sure didn't do it for me.

    i do find something...alluring about "coach guns". but i've never spent money on one, so.... so pretty much what everybody else said
    "If it's worth shooting once, it's worth shooting - how many times was that?"

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    Benelli M4 here, but the Mossberg and Remington pumps are great, too!
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    Any shotgun is a tactical shotgun depending on how you use it.
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    My wife was not very excited about my Browning semi auto light 12 gauage (loooong gun, excellent goose / duck gun) so I picked up a Mossberg 500 in the 20 gauge variety. She is very comfortable shooting that rig. Remember to take out the plug so you can fill'erup.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CommonCents View Post
    I'm keeping my eye out for a deal on a keltec KSG. 15rd capacity of 2 3/4 and 25 cap w/ the aguila mini shells. no need to reload ;)

    Attachment 87126
    I'd love one of these.. but they all seem to go for $1000+, and not sure I can justify that. I'd probably love it though.

    Could always go cheaper and get a Bullpup conversion for a 870.
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    Love my Mossberg 500. The tank of shotguns.

    Bought it in the "cruiser" pistol-grip configuration and it didn't take long before I added a Butler Creek folding stock to it. You can handle and fire the Mossberg with the stock folded, pistol-grip style, so this setup gives you every option. In practice, you'll find that a stock really helps with aim and control. Add a light and you've got a solid HD solution.
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    The Benelli is GREAT scattergun but...I'm not a big fan of semi autos for HD. The agency I retired from issued 11-87's w/ ghost ring sights and extended magazines. We did not have good luck with them and I cannot in good faith reccomend them for HD. The 870's that they replaced were MUCH better IMHO. Like the others have said it would be hard to go wrong with a 500/590 or 870. Some other good options that can be found in the used markets are the Ithaca 37 or the Winchester 1200. I have a very slick 28 year old Winchester 1200 that handles HD duties around my house. I also prefer my HD shotguns stock except for a spare shell holder.
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