Being out of style, I only have a Colt SP 1. It does everything for which I want an AR. I like it's balance, weight, and handiness. I like the 55 grain bullet so the 1-12 twist is of no concern. Either the AR 15 or an M1 Carbine generally accompanies me when I go over to our old family place for hiking, shooting, or chores. I don't like the feel of the heavy barreled ARs but then that's not what I'm used to.

One thing that is less than ideal about the light barrel on my rifle is that one must treat it more delicately when in the sling while shooting the sitting or prone stages of high-power competition. I always competeted with the M1 or M1A, originally with a 1903A3. I was used to horsing these rifles around with sling adjusted very tight. The light-barreled AR 15, handled in the same fashion, will suffer from flexing of its barrel, enough to wash the shots right out of the bulls-eye. I've only ever infrequently taken it to local matches for fun and it has to be treated rather gingerly when assuming sitting or prone positions.