Spikes Tactical vs Daniel Defense? please help me decide

Spikes Tactical vs Daniel Defense? please help me decide

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Thread: Spikes Tactical vs Daniel Defense? please help me decide

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    Spikes Tactical vs Daniel Defense? please help me decide

    Hello I am not new to the AR platform but I never really thought of actually owning one until now (they remind me of work haha) For some reason now I have the bug to own one. I have the option of buying either a Spikes Tactical ST-15 16" M4 LE Carbine ST-15 16 M4 LE Carbine [STR5025-M4S] - $865.95 : Spikes Tactical
    I can get the Spikes for around $830 with about a one month wait and I do have a Knights Armament quad rail that I would put on it. Or I could buy the Daniel Defense right now for around $1200 that is in stock at my local gun shop. Both are in my budget. I know the DD is quite a bit more but I don't mind paying more for quality. I don't however want to pay more for a name. I know the DD has a cold hammer forged barrel and includes the quad rail. What are your thoughts? I'd appreciate the input very much.

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    I'm a noob to the AR game, but I just picked up a Troy Defense 5.56 Carbine (subsidiary of Troy Industries) at Dick's Sporting Goods. The MSRP is about $1,000. By what I read and what others are saying, it seems like a great deal on a very good rifle. It has most everything I was looking for - ncluding a mid-length gas system. I'm not saying that it is on par with a DD or Spikes, but it seems it just may be.
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    The DD has an excellent reputation for quality. The Spikes is also very well-built, and I have one with no trouble so far. It has the durability features you would want, most of the ones you'll find on the Colt 6920 rifle. As far as the DD goes, whether it is worth $350 extra is basically up to you. It is unlikely you'll be able to wear out either one...

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    I am a Spikes guy all the way.

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    DD rifles are absolutely top of the line. Do you need a top of the line rifle? Maybe, maybe not.

    I have both and there is definitely a quality difference between the two, but they'll both get the job done for the occasional range toy and defense gun. You're not dropping into Kandahar with one. Get a quality AR at a good price and if you need something different, you can always get another. ARs are like potato chips. They come in dozens of flavors and you can't stop after just one.
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    I like the spikes I own. Wouldn't have any hesitation over owning a second.

    Also, check aimsurplus. They have them for about $790. While out of stick currently you can submit your email and receive notification when they arrive.

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    If you can get a DD for that price and can afford it I would probably go that route. I am new to the AR scene but from what I have heard, they don't get any better. Don't forget you will need ammo and accessories.

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    To make your life even more difficult, I would throw Bravo Company (BCM) into the mix...

    They are at a price-point right between Spikes and DD with quality equal to DD.

    That would be (and was) my choice when I was in your same shoes.

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    I would go with the Spikes and invest the $$$ that you save in a good red dot optic.
    & an offering by Bravo Company would also be a fine choice.
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    I doubt that any of the guns you have mentioned you will burn out in your lifetime. All are good you may want to consider price point.
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    I’m saving up for an AR too and being new to them as well, in doing my research I’ve found that ...

    Since the OP mentioned Spikes. I’ve read that Spikes and Tactical Weapons Solutions are both manufactured in Apopka, FL with one of them supposedly being a spin off from the other ?? As I’ve read that the employees of one left to form the other ??? Just what I’ve read so I can’t say for sure but they are both manufactured within a few miles from each other in the Apopka, FL area.

    Kind ah sounds like the KelTec and Diamondback saga in Florida too.

    Now that is what I’ve read how true it is I can’t say.

    Bravo Company, Colt, and Daniel Defense as I’ve read in my research, they are suppose to be considered too be as three of the top of the line reasonably priced AR’s in the BR < Black Rifle > community.

    The way I look at it is whether you by a Bravo Company, Bushmaster, Colt, Daniel Defense, Rock River or whatever flavor AR15. They’ll all be with in a couple hundred dollars of each other for their somewhat basic models … before you start adding extra accessories.

    So in my quest I’ve personally concluded that if I’m going to pony up about $1,200. for an AR I’m getting a Bravo Company. But before you buy, go checkout several manufactures web sights, checkout their specs, and there are some AR forums to browse around and ask questions on too before you buy.

    So why not save up a few more bucks and get a better quality product?

    Though VMWV

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    Bcm, DD, Colt, Noveske, knights, Lmt are the top of the line In ARs. You will spend more on these but that is for a very good reason. Great products and top notch cs. You can't go wrong with anyone of these brands. Do a lot of reading. There is a saying of. Buy once cry once. If you have to save up a little more and get one of the above mentioned brands you won't regret it. In my opinion I would just buy a bare bones Ar. No need to start throwing on all the bells and whistles until you have taken the rifle and shot it a ton and maybe take a class or two. Then you will know what kind of attachments you prefer. Again this is just my opinion.
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    I bought a DD after months of research and soul searching. Yes, it is more $, but I wanted top quality. The Spikes is a good rifle, but not in the same tier as DD.
    I'd rather be lucky than good any day

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    I love my spikes. It's call all the basic little feature you could want (F-stamped gas block, 1/7 twist, M-16 BCG, M4 feed ramps) all for an affordable price. I've shot thousands of rounds with mine flawlessly.

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