Looking for a first shotgun

Looking for a first shotgun

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Thread: Looking for a first shotgun

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    Looking for a first shotgun

    I was at the shooting range the other day, and I swapped a few shots of my AR for a crack at some clay pigeons out of the shotgun the guy I was sharing the range with had. I hit my first two that he tossed up, and I was hooked. Now I'm looking for a shotgun, mainly Remington and Mossberg. It looks like their 870 and 500 lines each have some models geared towards hunting, and others geared towards more tactical purposes. I'm not really asking which brand to buy, but more along the lines of which feature sets would serve me best, or if either one would be fine?

    This purchase is mostly because I don't have a shotgun, and I want to change that. I'd mostly be using it for clays and just general range fun. Maybe a 3 gun match...I doubt I'd do anything ultra competitively. I'm not quite sure if I'd want to hunt with it or not.

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    Make sure it 'fits', first and foremost - if you're a left this can be more difficult or require custom work.

    I started with an 870, it beat up my cheek (I'm a lefty), ended up buying a CZ Redhead Deluxe and had a custom adjustable comb put on with a center bead added... if I miss now, it's definitely my fault. :)

    Welcome to the sport!

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    Fit is crucial. It affects your ability to correctly mount the gun, keep eyes in the correct position, repeatably strike the target, keep the gun in good control, manage the recoil, avoid fatigue. Length of pull; drop of the stock from centerline; height of the comb, to support the cheek and keep the eye at the right level; overall length/balance (though less important than the other elements, IMO).

    There are adjustable stocks for shotguns, in styles similar to the ones available on AR's (if that's your thing).

    The Mossbergs, for example, have a great thumb safety at the top/rear of the receiver area.

    Pump or semi-auto. You'll need to decide which makes more sense for your application, preferences. Benelli, Winchester, Mossberg and Remington all make decent semi-auto shotguns, with various features.

    Adjustable stock. Might be worthwhile to you.

    Sights. A bead sight is fine for basic applications. Ghost ring sights and fiber-optic sights can help some eyes focus on targets better. Depends on you, and what works for your eyes.

    I'd start with a basic Remington 870 or 1170; or a Mossberg 500 or 930. Shoot a lot and see what works, doesn't work. If it doesn't, you'll know enough at that point to begin looking for those that do.
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