Your definition of a "Truck Gun"

Your definition of a "Truck Gun"

This is a discussion on Your definition of a "Truck Gun" within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; First of all..I really want an AR-15, but I'm stuggling with the cost. A $1000 rifle with iron sights, magazines(probably MagPuls)and enough ammo to intially ...

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Thread: Your definition of a "Truck Gun"

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    Your definition of a "Truck Gun"

    First of all..I really want an AR-15, but I'm stuggling with the cost. A $1000 rifle with iron sights, magazines(probably MagPuls)and enough ammo to intially enjoy the purchase....easily $1500 and I haven't put an optic on it. SO, with that in mind...what would you recommened as a good Truck Gun* if I don't go with the AR. Just to eliminate the AR-15,if purchased, would NOT be a TrucK Gun, I'm just thinking if I don't go with a black rifle,I might as well get a piece to keep in my vehicle. THANKS!

    * I'm talking about a Rifle that stays in the vehicle not a handgun
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    A pump action shotgun is my "truck gun"
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    Would this count?

    Your definition of a "Truck Gun"-ihq2291y0zao.jpg
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    A mini-14 or mini-30. Light compact. Mags from 5 rds to 30 rds. Very reliable. Accurate enough for a truck gun.

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    Wasr - 10?
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    If a short 870 pump with a mag extension is good enough for the house, why not a truck? But if a black rifle is what you have your heart set on, do it!
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    I'd go with a Bushmaster AR and it's iron sights.
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    My truck gun is a Mossberg 500 Tactical. You can pick up a new basic model for under $500.

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    Keltec SU-16C maybe? Light, compact, exc. Just a thought, biased as it may be due to owning one.
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    I second the WASR - 10. You can get the gun, 5 spare magazines, a case of ammo (1000 rounds), and a soft case for under $1000.
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    Another vote for the Mini 14. Few guns can handle casual neglect any better. That's why you see so many of 'em under the seat in bush planes, behind barn doors & lashed to back-country snowmobiles. IMHO, they're the American AK.
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    truck gun for self defense? cheapest used shotgun you can find (that isn't garbage). truck rifle? mosin nagant. 100$.
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    The Mini-14 or AK would be a good choice, but what about an SKS? Slap a folding stock on that sucker and you're good to go. It's accurate out to a couple hundred yards with the iron sights and is one of the few guns that can be shot like crazy and not cleaned for years. I know that from first-hand experience. My Dad gave me one awhile back that he put together in the early 90's that had NEVER been cleaned. It had thousands of rounds through it and still ran like a top. I stripped it down to clean it and it was bone dry, with fouling everywhere. I even found globs of what I believe was the original cosmoline. I couldn't believe that it had still been running so well.

    Another good option is a lever action .30-30. That's typically the truck gun of choice around here. Pretty darn versatile if you're experienced with it.

    Personally, if I were to keep something in the truck full time, it would be an AR pistol. Lot's of rifle rounds in a tiny package.

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    I agree with either a reliable shotgun or 30-30 lever action. Depending on where you live and what your most likely threat would be. Shotgun for mostly city use and 30-30 for mostly country use.
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