Thanks for all the kind responses! I got to go shoot a few hundred rounds today and it performed flawlessly, although I did have on instance where it failed to pick up a round, but upon further inspection it was due to a round not properly feeding up in the Pmag.

I have recently switched to Gunzilla after hearing all the rants and raved about it, and so I did an initial cleaning of the Colt with it, and also used it for lube and had no issues. The bolt was still nice and wet after shooting, and after sitting in 100 degree heat for a couple hours. As a side note I also tested Gunzilla by putting 1cc of it (and Slip2000 and Rem oil) into the freeze for 2 hours and the result was that rem oil was completely the same, slip2000 was a gel like sludge, and gunzilla was just slightly more viscous. I did the freezer test because lots of folks claim that gunzilla contains water and will freeze, but in reality it contains no water (accordin to their site), and obviously it didn't freeze. Anyways, just wanted to share. Shoot safe.