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Whats your favorite rifle/shotgun? Dual purpose uses?

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Thread: Whats your favorite rifle/shotgun? Dual purpose uses?

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    Absolutely beautiful Winchesters, Bryan!
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    I'm not really into shotguns and a Rem 870P meets that duty here.

    Leverguns are a favorite. A 16" M92, in 357 Magnum or 45 Colt would do fine for my needs. A 20" 30-30, 38-55, or 45-70 would work for more power. If ammo supply isn't a worry, then a M92 in 44 Special would be my top pick for all around use.

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    Marlin 30/30 and my Henry 22. Absolutely love levers.

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    Multipurpose? That would be easy, my SKS. I paid more for it ($395) but the stock has nary a ding on it and it is very nice. Wish I had some pictures to post. Maybe tomorrow I will take some.

    I like the fact that it is reliable, accurate, semi-auto, easy to use, takes single rounds or stripper clips, easy to unload (just release the box and all the rounds come right out) it packs a good punch (ballistics are similar to the .30-30 mentioned) and ammo is cheap, coming to less than $5/20 around here and it will still get the job done, but with more and more companies coming out with good hunting ammo for 7.62x39.
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    My Browning Citori White Lightning OU is my favorite. It is a 20 gauge with 26 inch barrels. Just shoots right, brings the game home. Second would be a hard choice between my Ruger 77/357 or the Marlin 30-30. Both are great rifles.

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    After starting out with a box of Winchester Super X Magnum 00B in my new Stevens 320 Security, its growing on me, even though my shoulder is a bit bruised lol. Switched up to the cheap wolf and im still dead on at 10 yards... 8 shells fired, 8 completely obliterated targets. Im taking it hunting! though i do love all guns, except glocks and kel tec

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    My PTR91, heavy but extremely accurate and reliable. Fantastic for shooting anything from deer to coyotes to prairie dogs.

    Whats your favorite rifle/shotgun?  Dual purpose uses?-309079_2474997647649_1405302609_n.jpg


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    Well, my favorite rifle/shotgun would be my old Sears (or is it a Coast to Coast?) O/U 22WMR/20ga...it sits in one of my outbuilding shops, and does wondrous duty as both a pigeon/squirrel/rabbit/woodchuck/skunk slayer...in fact, it even has a coyote under it's belt.

    Or is that too literal?

    But...if I had to grab but one rifle...as much as I do love my AR's, and my PTR MSG...my H&R Garand would be my choice. That rifle just plain screams ruggedness...and is plenty accurate. Using LC M2 Ball, it easily placed 5 out of 8 rounds into a 12" target at 300 yards, offhand, rapid fire...it'll do.
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    My Remington 870P is my default go-to long gun. It has become a favorite more due to long familiarity than anything else, as I would rather keep a rifle handy for life's emergencies, but I wear a badge for a PD that regulates my defensive firearms choices 24/7. If I want the full support of my employer after a shooting, I had better use weapons with which I have qual'ed, unless I have a very, very good reason for doing otherwise. Actually, we have a patrol rifle program, but the qual course is timed, and the first shooting position is prone. My bad knee has not allowed me to quicky regain my feet, from prone, for several years, so I have effectively aged-out of passing the patrol rifle qual.

    My particular 870P has a quite old Vang-comp-ed barrel mounted, that keeps the pellet spread to a minimum for quite a
    distance. This is more of a factor on the street than at home; I can keep all the pellets on the head of a B-27 target out to 15 yards or more, depending upon the load. Remington 8-pellet 00 has a more rounded pattern, whereas the older Federal Tactical tends to be more vertically strung, with a low flier. Tighter patterns mean that switching to slugs is really only needed if the situation calls for better penetration.

    No pics; just imagine a typical 18" bead-sight 870, Parkerized, with a wood stock and Speed-feed Police synthetic fore end, and multiple scratched and scrapes from hard use.
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    I have three - a Winchester '94 in .357, a double barrel with exposed hammers, and a Winchester '97 (a repro). I hunt with all
    three and two shotguns are kept ready for home defense. The rifle could be if needed.
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    My Remington Model 1100 Magnum Semi Auto 12 gauge can do about anything.
    Have Fun and Shoot Straight !!

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    I can do just about anything with these three...........
    • Marlin® Mdl 336C 30/30 Win
    • Mossberg® Mdl 500C 20ga Pump
    • Smith & Wesson Mdl 686 357 Magnum
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