A little more impressed with the platform every time

A little more impressed with the platform every time

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Thread: A little more impressed with the platform every time

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    A little more impressed with the platform every time

    I finally made it out to do some precision shooting. My intent was to do some crono of my reloads, but a number of complications prevented that from happening. Going to have to wait until I actually get to a range. I had a hard enough time getting a 100y line of sight to shoot (at my property in the mountains of CO).

    Anyhow, every time I take my rifle out, I am constantly impressed with the operation and it's ability.

    Here's the basic specs on my assembly completed at Christmas last year.

    Upper consisting of the following;
    Centurion 16" CHF barrel - 1 in 7" w/A2
    Centurion 12" C4 rail
    Pinned low profile gas block - mid length
    Vltor MUR-1A receiver
    PSA auto BCG
    BCM Gunfighter med. charging handle

    Lower -
    PSA stripped lower.
    Magpul MIAD
    Troy ambi mag and bolt release
    Ambi selector
    Vltor eMod A5 receiver extension and stock.

    Aimpoint PRO

    Kalinka POSP 6x42, 400m rangefinder, ill. ret.

    My skills are slightly above complete newby. I followed the advice of the seasoned here and took 2 classes in the spring. Mike Pannone advanced carbine, and Pat MacNamerra carbine/pistol.

    Since then I have only gone shooting one other time and was reminded that skills are perishable, and need to be used in some fashion or another or you will loose it.

    So I at least wanted to get some 10 round groups now that I have some basic marksmanship skills hammered into me.

    All the ammo shot out of this rifle, other than the first 500, have been my reloads on a Lee LoadMaster progressive. Not precision match ammo, but my powder is constantly +/- .1 grain of target (random samples) and COAL is +/- .005" of target.

    55gr Hornady FMJ
    23.6 gr. AA2230
    Mixed LC brass on maybe their 4th cycle
    CCI 400 primers
    COAL - 2.20"

    This first target is 10 rounds "cold", prone off the magazine, support hand on AFG.

    2 MOA dot at 100 yards on a 2" x 2" square and my crappy eyesight...not terrible for cold shots. I should have done a second one.

    The next 10 rounds fired were dialing in my scope (never got a good 100y zero from first outing in the spring). Had to move 3" up and left.

    Here is 20-30 rounds, again prone off the mag.

    I knew as soon as I pulled the trigger on shots 3 and 7 that I shanked them low (Thanks Pat MacNamera, I can call my shots now ).

    Here is 30-40.

    Now I'll let the experienced here call the MOA on these. Given that I have distinct left/right drift, and no discernible circle to cover the evident 2" group, I'd call this a 1 MOA rifle - the rest is shooter error.

    Not bad for a 16" CHF barrel (props to Monty @ Centurion), and home cooked M193 (I always hear it's 2-3 MOA ammo at best).

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    Very nice!

    Reloading often makes the best out of a rifle after the shooter. Once you're into it, it becomes a goal that will eat you up until you find the best of the best. Load specifics, primers, powder, seating depth, bullet weight/design. It all takes a lot of dedication, time, and effort. Hopefully time well spent deciphering all of the available combinations and finding that one special load that makes it all worthwhile. Keep doing it and keep smiling. Don't forget to have fun while doing it.

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    Centurion rifles are extremely high quality and Month knows what he's Doug. When he finally stops deploying I think we'll see Centurion as one of the more well known manufacturers. Their chf barrels are some of the most accurate available and use the idea barrel profile (subjective) for a fighting rifle.

    Glad you like it Sticks and glad you made it a point to get to classes with respectable instructors. Mac is one hell of a shooter and knows well what he teaches.

    Hopefully soon we'll get together buddy, I want to ge some rounds through that rifle.
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