The SKS... good or not?

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Thread: The SKS... good or not?

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    The SKS... good or not?

    I've been seriously thinking about a good car rifle to keep in my trunk. Since I want to play it on the safe side with the LEOs, I prefer to keep it unloaded with a clip nearby in case things go sour. I've been thinking about the SKS as an option to the AK-47, but many people say that the SKS is horribly inaccurate? Is this true?

    Also, can you fire these from the hip? (Just an amateur question, so feel free to blast and criticize me for it if you feel like it )
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    The SKS will do the job, as will the AK. These aren't target rifles, but at reasonable ranges, they are both potent. I prefer the AK, but would feel well armed with an SKS. I can have only limited editions in California, so I have to settle for a Ruger Mini-30. Can you fire the SKS from the hip? Sure! Can you hit anything? Maybe, with LOTS of luck. Let us know what you get!
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    My experience with the SKS is limited as I've put about 150 rounds through two of them in the last two days.

    I personally wouldn't try to fire it from the hip.

    My opinions on the gun:

    It is accurate enough, I was hitting targets at 100 yards every shot with both SKS's I shot though they do belong to friends who are very knowledgable and are already sighted in by these friends.
    It also seems well made and the price is fantastic at my local gun shop, $159.00 with bayonet and grenade launcher, same place my friends bought theirs.
    These guys have some nice collections and I shoot alot of their guns, AK's, Armalites, Bushmasters, Rugers but they always bring their SKS.

    I'll be getting one in the next 2-3 weeks.

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    I have a stock Norinco SKS I bought for $117, shipping included (a few years ago!!) and I love it. It's my go to for coyotes that want to get a closer look at the chickens. Rock solid at 100 yards with the factory sights. And wonderfully cheap ammo. I keep thinking I w2ant to modify it with a new stock and a low power scope, but then I ask, "why?" So, it stays stock for another day...


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    I have a Norinco SKS that I bought about 10 years ago. I'm not a rifle person but this is a very accurate rifle. I enjoy this rifle and the cheap round so much that last year I also bought a customize AK. Well my AK doesn't come close to accuratcy as the SKS. But don't even think the ammo is cheap anymore like it was last year. For a 1000's round case you'll pay over $150 now.

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    I have both a Yugoslavian SKS and AK. Both are 100% reliable. As far as accuracy is concerned my SKS is more acurate than the AK. I even killed a deer with my SKS last year. I have been very impressed whith this rifle. I've had three SKS rifles a Chinese, a Russian, and the Yugoslavian. Out of the three the Yugo has been the best shooter. In my oppinion the SKS particularly the Yugoslavian is an ideal truck gun.

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    I would like some info too.
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    SKS is a fine battle rifle.
    It's more accurate than my AK also.
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    I have heard nothing bad about the Yugo SKS and mine is realible with all types of surplus ammo thru it. It is accurate enough for my purpose out to 100 meters. My cousin had a Chinese SKS that was a lemon, I have 2 friens that also have Chinese SKS and love them, so my cousins might be a fluke. The SKS is not and never will be a target rifle no matter how many after market add-ons you buy. I wasted money on scope mounts etc.....don't if you want to upgrade get a good composite stock and leave the rest alone. With all that said I like my M-1 carbines much better.

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    The SKS is a fine semi-auto rifle. It is accurate enough to hit what you can reasonably see with iron sights, and is very reliable. I have 3, and have had many pass through my hands, and it is very rare to find a lemon.

    Take a look here for some great info and reviews :
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    Accurate ??? In the eyes of the beholder fer sure. For the purpose that it was designed........sure 'nuf. Remember we are talkin' true battle rifles. Not paper punchers or woodchuck hunters.

    I have had expierance with both. Limited with SKS and lots with the AK's. My vote is for the AK. I've seen the AK "in action" and they are very well designed,as is the ammo that goes thru them.

    Let me also say that you do not need to pay the "extra" money for a milled rcvr. Sure they are better (sometimes) ......but,how much better. Re-read para #1.

    We have carbine matches in our "club". One of the guys always shoots a AK and I do 75% of the time. Three weeks ago we had a stage of fire that was putting 10 shots on a plastic(35~ gal) drum. With the standard sights we were able to put shot after shot on the drums at 400 meters from the sitting position. A 10" steel plate was "dead" every shot at 200 meters. This, shooting the 122gr. FMJ military stuff.

    The SKS and the AK have all kinds of after market add ons. The AK probably has a few more. As a rule the AK will cost you more.

    If you want a weapon simply to carry in your trunk for the distances and firepower needed that is beyond what a pistol can deliver you would probably better be served by a, closely looked at before buying, SKS. If you want a weapon as a bug out weapon or a home defense weapon,or even as a around the farm weapon,I'd reccomend the(closely looked at before buying)AK.

    If you decide to purchase either weapon,start hitting all the gunshows in search of good deals on ammo and aftermarket goodies. --------

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    The SKSs are quite adequate for a truck carbine. I own two Yugo 59/66s that I bought for my sons. They are as accurate as we need, they are a good weapon to teach the boys on, and they are dependable.

    The only drawback I see is that the firing pin well in the bolt MUST be kept meticulously clean. SOME SKSs had a tendency for the firing pin to stick (this is a risk one has with any free floating firing pin, but it seemed to be more prevalent with the SKS family of weapons), greatly increasing the chance of a slam fire. Attention to detail greatly reduces the risk. Since my sons were or are the primary users of these weapons, I opted to have a spring installed on the firing pin that precludes the firing pin from sticking in the "wrong" position at the wrong time.

    Frankly, that's the only mod I've ever considered for either of the weapons. For me, the length of pull of the stock is short, but it fits the boys so, I'm not terribly concerned about that. For less than $200, I personally think it's a great deal, it almost puts the SKS into the realm of a "disposable" carbine.... "you can shoot it until it can't shoot no more."

    Ben Murray out of Texas is the gentleman that I got the springs from.
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    I've have a Norinco (Chinese) SKS for about 12 years. I love it. I've heard some say the Norinco's are the most accurate, but I think that they are all pretty good for combat distances. They shoot well in all conditions and ammo is cheap. For a truck gun consider getting a folding or collapsable stock to take up less room. Also get rid of the stock magazine and find some 20, 30, or even 50 round mags. Be sure to check them out carefully if you buy used at a gun show.
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    I got my SKS about a month ago. I initially had a problem getting the thing to work properly, but it turns out that the problem wasn't the gun - just the newbie behind the gun.... I had neglected to clean the pin and cosmoline out of it.

    Here it is on the day I brought it home:

    They are pretty guns (IMO). That's the Yugoslavian 59/66. My serial # dates to February 1969. I picked it up from J&G Guns ( for $160 in almost perfect condition. It weighs 9.6 pounds unloaded. It's heavy, but it doesn't kick too much, either. I would DEFINITELY reccomend this rifle as a trunkgun - It will take a heavy beating and still fire.

    I MUST warn you, though. The SKS is considered a "Gateway Gun." Once you buy it, you will find yourself seeking-out more old battle rifles to try and buy. From this addiction, there are few successful recovery methods. Last Friday, I purchased a new ATI Fiberforce stock for it, as well as a bi-pod and cheap, short-range scope.

    The ONLY downfall is that these guns are VERY close to illegeal. Check your local and state laws before you drop this sucker in your trunk. Detachable mags are illegeal on a lot of combinations of these weapons, so your ammo will have to sit on a stripper clip.

    I do not have much experience with AK's.
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    I have both

    I have both an AK and an SKS. I would say that the SKS is the more accurate of the two.

    The SKS is a nice Yugo 59/66. The AK is an Armory USA model.

    Although the SKS is more accurate, the AK is a better gun, for reasons of capacity, maneuverability and weight. The accuracy difference really isn't all that huge. The AK also cost around three times as much as the SKS

    The Yugo's don't have chromed barrels, but as long as it is kept clean, that doesn't mean much. Some say that it makes the Yugo the more accurate of the various SKS models. I say probably not. But it is plenty accurate enough for a truck gun.

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