Is a shotgun "useless"?

Is a shotgun "useless"?

This is a discussion on Is a shotgun "useless"? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I was in a discussion with someone who mentioned that a shotgun is not a long gun of first choice. He would rather have a ...

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Thread: Is a shotgun "useless"?

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    Is a shotgun "useless"?

    I was in a discussion with someone who mentioned that a shotgun is not a long gun of first choice. He would rather have a combat rifle. His reasoning was that you can put more ammo down range with a rifle (30 rounds vs. 6-7 of a shotgun), it is faster to reload, can carry more reloads, has a longer range, is lighter and more maneuverable. He also mentioned that if he had no other long gun, a shotgun would do, but his preference is a rifle.

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    It depends on the role.

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    It is obviously not useless.
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    Which would have more capability of instant incapacitation? Honest question. I've seen what a slug can do to a deer, but I have never harvested one with a rifle.

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    LOL .... if three guys are rushing thru your door at the same time, which would you rather have in your hands...... the rifle, or the shotgun.

    I'ld take the shotgun every time ....... much harder to "miss", especially at close range.

    Burglar / intruder in your house , at night, it's dark ..... you want the rifle or the shotgun in your hands ? You don't know if there is only one person, or more.

    I asked a guy once, if he knew the difference between a shotgun and a rifle.
    He said, " I THINK I do".
    My answer: The rifle is in case you missed with the shotgun and they're still running. (an old joke).
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    That's like claiming a pneumatic staple gun is useless because a glue gun is lighter and can be used with more materials. Each tool has its purpose.
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    Truthfully a shotgun at close range has a very tight pattern under 10 yards. It's not going to throw a wide spray. I can see the point of having more ammo in a combat rifle. I really wouldn't feel under gunned with either weapon.
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    In a fight between 10 and 50 yds Id think a shot gun with proper ammo would be "King" of the fight stoppers! At less than 10 yds a hand gun and over 50 yds Id want a rifle. they are just tools. Picking the right tool for the job is what we do. If I had to pick just one to use in a fight it would be the rifle. But the rifle just isn't practical to carry around all the time. DR
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    Useless? Heck, no! BG's breaking my doors down, if I have more than a couple of seconds to react I'm grabbing the shotgun. 4 rounds in the mag and a bandoleer next to it in the closet, 1.5 steps from where I sleep.

    If I hear a disturbance in the street - i.e., at a greater distance - then I'll reach for the AR and the phone, and sit tight waiting for the gendarmes to show up.
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    About the only time one is pretty much useless is when it is empty.....
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    It's not a binary decision, it's not a choice between useless and unbeatable.

    For most instances if both were side by side I'd grab the AR. If the shotgun was in reach and the AR was across the room, I'd grab the shotgun.

    The points your friend made were valid and as he said, preference is a rifle but I'd not feel hopeless with a shotgun.
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    Depends on the mission at hand. When you're talking about carrying reloads it implies movement and possible contact at distances ranging from close combat out to 300 yards or so (which is usually the limit of effective aimed fire for an assault type rifle). In that case I'd agree that the shotgun is far from ideal. Sure you can run slugs, have rifle sights on your shotgun and possibly stay in the fight for most of that range, but it isn't the ideal weapon. But if you're talking up close and personal and you're somewhat positive that the hostage rescue shot isn't in the cards the shotty is pretty close to THE answer. 12 gauge 00 buck is going to take the fight out of someone pretty danged quick. The shotgun is my preferred home defense weapon for a reason. But if I have to "bug out" the rifle is my go to gun.
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    Assuming an AR in .223/.300 Blackout type chambering: He forgot lighter recoil and faster follow-ups/2nd target acquisition and less "overpenetration".

    How is it harder to miss with a shotgun when there is no to minimal spread of buckshot at inside the home distances and it's easier to maneuver/swing an AR?

    That said, if I knew I was going to have multiple intruders in a kill box (stairwell, hallway with no doors nearby) a shotgun with slugs would probably be ideal; but then again, an AR in 458 SOCOM would do the same job.

    However, the shotgun is far from useless.

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    I am much more proficient with an AR. Certainly my choice with proper ammo.
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