Assault Weapons and machine guns (long).

Assault Weapons and machine guns (long).

This is a discussion on Assault Weapons and machine guns (long). within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I don't really like this term but since it stuck its what we have to work with. Recently there have been posts about crime statistics ...

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Thread: Assault Weapons and machine guns (long).

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    Assault Weapons and machine guns (long).

    I don't really like this term but since it stuck its what we have to work with. Recently there have been posts about crime statistics involving "assault weapons" leading more cries for them to be banned (by antis). I am not really on the fence about this one but have seen reports of drive by shooting using this type of fire arm. Note that they are very rare compared to hand guns. Also note that they are not used much outside of drive-by because they are not concealable.

    The given defence for the continued possession of these rifles has been kind of absurd. People insisting that they have a legitimate use for hunting. This argument is bogus and should not be the focus for the debate. The real argument should be that they DO HAVE a legitimate use. Its just not one most people deal with. They are the best weapon you can have after a disaster where there are roaming gangs. For one they are intimidating and highly visible. So when you use them as such, the BG get the picture vary quickly. Besides the intimidation effect they have more rounds typically then a handgun and more accuracy and more stopping power.

    Because the media love to confuse them with machine guns the public gets really upset. The best thing to do is explain that they are to different animals. The latter takes a special permit with an even bigger background check and a hefty tax.

    I don't personally think Machine guns are for everyone but if you have the money and the inclination you should not be stopped from the hobby(also very expensive). Besides they really are fun to rent on the range. As for the use during a SHTF scenario full auto might be a liability. Considering that we are not in a war zone (lots of friends around) even during an emergency. Besides if the situation is really bad we need to conserve ammo and check shot placement. Also note that we probably won't have the military to resupply us.

    I guess what I'm really trying to say is that machine guns and assault weapon have there place they also fit into the upper part of a need/use triangle. Kind of like a pickup truck vs. a lamborghini. these are just my thoughts as I was thinking of the arguments about weapons of mass destruction(small arms misrepresentation). Example: a missile and a hand grenade would be classifiable as WMD because they are indiscriminate and can kill many people with one use. Semi-autos are not WMD because you can only shoot one bullet per trigger pull and it is very discriminating. Machine guns would fit a grey area.

    I'm not trying to imply that these things need never be possessed. I think they they are an very specialty items that wold not fit in to our normal arguments.
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    ??? The AK platform is commonly used in Russia for hunting, with a 5 round magazine. They actually put a spiked set-screw, protruding into the barrel, to mark the bullets fired. The AR10, FAL, and G3 in .308 and above are all excellent game-takers, with the benefit of rapid follow-up, if needed (no, it shouldn't be, but....)

    Re- the "normal argument". Peace through superior firepower. Ever hear of a home-invasion style attack on a police station? Maybe one or two, in the 60s, but that's about it. Why? What you got, they got more of, and no reservation about using it. The First World is a tenuous construct, easily dissembled by relatively minor catastrophies- hurricanes, flood, fire, etc.. I don't know any of my relatives in South Texas who would feel comfortable, walking the property with a muzzle-loader. Against violent assault, choose the optimal tool, not what makes you feel nice and historical and righteous and fuzzy. If you're putting down people, you need volume, easy and rapid reloads, and reasonable power.

    You don't have "intimidation factor" until you start with the .45-70, .375H&H, .416 Rigby, etc..

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    The given defence for the continued possession of these rifles has been kind of absurd
    imho the 2nd ammendment is not about duck hunting , i own two variatys of what could be classed as " assault rifles " a fal and a fiew sks' i got the sks rifles for the cheap ammo back when it was out there , and the fal i just like. As things stand now i need no tax stamp , no special regestration to own my firearms. This is how it should be , if the limits that the folks today try and put on guns were recognised when our forefathers framed the constitution well then all we could own would be muskets ( shotguns with rifle sights ), since anything with rifleing was then about the equil of an " assault weapon " or a " battle rifle " today ... kinda funny how they chose not to limit that isnt it ?
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    Yes, unfortunately when it comes to weapons people try to defend their purchase/ownership with the "hunting" adage. This just fuel's anti-gunners more as they state that you can just as easily hunt with a bow given some good practice.

    I am not afraid to admit that my weapon is just that...a weapon. It is a tool designed to take a human life that I will only use for that purpose if I feel I am in dire jeoparody. I would no more hunt with an assault rifle than I would with my 9mm handgun. I'm sure it could be done, but it's just not the most practical tool for the job.

    Now, that being I use my weapons for anything other than a weapon? Yes! Range time gives me alot of enjoyment. Plinking in the vast desert around my home is ALOT of fun. But, at it's base I understand that it IS a weapon and I respect it as such.
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