Shotgun Purchase Advice Needed

Shotgun Purchase Advice Needed

This is a discussion on Shotgun Purchase Advice Needed within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I'm thinking of picking up a shotgun in the next month or two; mainly for HD but also the occasional clay shooting. I'm looking at ...

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  • Mossberg 590SP

    9 26.47%
  • Mossberg 930SPX

    1 2.94%
  • Remmington 870

    24 70.59%
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Thread: Shotgun Purchase Advice Needed

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    Shotgun Purchase Advice Needed

    I'm thinking of picking up a shotgun in the next month or two; mainly for HD but also the occasional clay shooting.

    I'm looking at primarily three different guns, and was looking for some insight from people who may have/have used any or all of them. Any other suggestions are welcome.

    I'm looking at:
    Mossberg 590SP
    Mossberg 930SPX (leaning towards this one, really like the pistol grip)
    Remmington 870

    Again, primarily for HD or SHTF scenarios, with a little bit of clay shooting here and there.

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    Look at that 100% for Mossy 590 SP. I have this gun and love it. Especially in the SHTF scenario. 9 shots, and you can do 2 sizes of shells. Whats not to love?!?!?!

    The pistol grip is a mixed bag on a shotty. Many believe that this means that it will be shot from the hip. I get the idea, but how many ARs are we seeing shot from the hip and they have the pistol grip? I personally prefer the non pistol grip varietal.
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    Mossberg 590, less things to go wrong than a semi and it has the highest mag capacity of the ones you listed
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    I'm an 870 guy myself. I have an 870 Express Synthetic.
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    There are no wrong answers on your list. I like the Remington 870 but the Mossy 590 & 930 are GREAT shotguns. But you really don't want to play clay sports with a pistol grip. It's like wearing combat boots...on a basketball court.
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    If for HD use, any will do well, but, like you, I like having a pistol grip but with a expanding stock. For shooting clays, you will be severely hampered by he cylinder barrel on these Mossy's unless you get a screw in choke barrel for the field. For multi-use from be ones provided I would go with the 870. Personally, I prefer the Mossy 500.
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    I have an 870 that I've set up for pheasant, trap, and home defense... I recommend it, it's rugged, no frills, and gets the job done with an overwhelming number of aftermarket options out there.

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    Straight up Mossberg 500 sporting combo. (assuming they still sell it)
    Comes with a (IIRC) 28 inch accu choke barrel (wing shooting and clays etc) and a 20 inch cylinder bore with rifle sights for HD or slugs.
    You can get an 18 1/2 riot barrel for under $100 if you really want one and pistol grips and fore ends etc for under $50. You can also get rifled barrels in 12g and also inline black powder muzzle loader.
    The only shortcoming is the magazine capacity is limited because the barrel mounts to the end of the magazine tube. But realistically speaking do you think you will find yourself in a situation where you will use more than 5-6 rounds and not have time to top off? Some people might, but I don't expect to.
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    Mossberg 930 SPX - superb

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    You're gonna have many more options for accessories for the Remington 870 or a copy. I have a NEF H&R Pardner Pump that's an 870 copy made of steel (little bit heavier than the original) and they typically retail for around $180. has many accessories.

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    I have a pair of mavrick 88's one with a 26" barrel and one with an 18.5" barrel. They are almost exactly the same as a Mossy 500. The biggest difference is the crossbar safty on the 88... I believe the barrels and most other parts are interchangable between the 500 and 88. They make an 88 with a 8 round tube I believe, my friend has one. I prefer the 5 round tube, just because I think it has better balance and the barrels are easier to find. the 88 is cheaper, and I can have 2 instead of one... one for me and one for the wife when SHTF. next to get added to the cabinet are a pair of mosins, and then a pair of AK's...
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    Mossberg here. They are good shotguns and they give the shooter more bang for the buck.

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    I have a 930 and a 500. I like them both but if money is not a concern then go with the SPX. They are, IMO, a super value.

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    Re: Shotgun Purchase Advice Needed

    I lean towards the Remington, but that's just because an 870 was my first shotgun.

    Your choices represent the most popular for a reason. Any one of them would serve you very well.

    Go with your gut feeling and have a blast.

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    I'll throw another vote in for the maverick 88's. Got it on sale at acadamey for $160, came with a 28" barrel. Got a 18.5" mosseberg barrel for a HD setup. Have taken it to shoot clays a few times, threw on the long barrel, ran flawless. I'll prob get another one some day just to have two. I'll get a nice shotgun one day when I have more money to play with, for now I like my cheap maverick.
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