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Question Regarding AR's Sold At Wal-Mart

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Thread: Question Regarding AR's Sold At Wal-Mart

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    *wishes his local Wal-Mart sold firearms or even ammunition*
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    Quote Originally Posted by rocky View Post
    Our walmart has Colt, Sig and DPMS brand AR's. Even had M855 ammo in the .30 cal cans for a while.
    I wish mine carried some of that M855 in the .30 cal can.

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    Well, heck. I lost that bet. :-(

    Thanks for answering my question.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DefConGun View Post
    I wish mine carried some of that M855 in the .30 cal can.
    It's been a while since they had any. I did see Palmetto Armory has some 360 rounds of M193 for $150 . Not LC but still seems like a good deal.
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    Here is mine, purchased from a Wal Mart in your State.

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    Seen a couple different Colts, Sigs, Bushmasters, DPMS, and one other AR15 that I've never heard of. If you ask the person working the sporting department, they have a catalog you can look at, listing what they stock and what they can special order for you too.

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    Yes, and Del-Ton's
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    The box of the Colt 6920 I got from Wally World says "LE 6920" on it.
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    Colt and Sig here in New Mexico.

    The idea that they are "lower quality" or have "swapped out parts" is pure internet rumor mill perpetuated by local gun shops who dont want you buying from big box stores.

    They are 100% from the factory just like one you would buy anywhere else.
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    Got my LE 6920 at Walmart.
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    Yep my local wally world has them. Actually has alot of AR's. I purchased one from them last summer, the Sig Sauer M400.....and i absolutely love it. They had bushmasters, sig's, and a couple Colts there.

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    I wish the Wal-Mart's near me still sold guns but... at least they still continue selling ammo. Give and take, I guess.
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    Here you go from the Wal-Mart website:

    Colt LE6920 Carbine Semi-Auto Rifle, 223 Rem/5.56 NATO: Hunting :

    Seem to be a Fav-O-Rite fromthe reviews! Only 2!

    So You'll have to pay up! What was the bet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocky View Post
    Our walmart has Colt, Sig and DPMS brand AR's. Even had M855 ammo in the .30 cal cans for a while.
    Same here, they usually have the XM193 or 100 round value packs for $34. Haven't seen the M855 in the 420ct for a while
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    Our WalMart gets a gun shipment in each Tuesday and they told my wife that they usually get 2 to 4 LE6920's a week.

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