I need to get better at mounting the 12 gauge

I need to get better at mounting the 12 gauge

This is a discussion on I need to get better at mounting the 12 gauge within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I'm pretty sure between the bicep and delt isn't the best place. :) Guess it's the excitement of being a newb at shooting clays. EDIT: ...

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Thread: I need to get better at mounting the 12 gauge

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    I need to get better at mounting the 12 gauge

    I'm pretty sure between the bicep and delt isn't the best place. :) Guess it's the excitement of being a newb at shooting clays.

    EDIT: It's most likely happening on the right-to-left crossers. If I'm swinging the barrel left before the butt is firmly planted in the shoulder pocket it would allow it to kick right and end up on my arm by the time I fire.
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    Before you say pull you should be ready to shoot lol... nice arm shiner, and yes - you're doing it wrong. :D

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    Nope, that bruise should be in the 'pocket' between your pectoral muscle and the ball of your shoulder joint. But yeah, after a round of clays, you should see a bit of a bruise there!
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    Ouch!! Try it sometime with a side-x-side at a Cowboy Action Match. I made it a point not to look at my shoulder. I also made it a point not to do that again.

    Oh well, Blanco, experience is the best teacher, isn't it?
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    I think (and am almost always wrong, since I was not there with you), that you may be pushing the weapon in anticipation of flight. Slow Down. Place the weapon where the stock belongs and train your brain, eyes and arms to track, while keeping the weapon in the correct contact position.

    Same as new pistol/revolver shooters pushing the weapon to the target, while pulling the trigger, and 'mentally willing' the bullet forward.

    Next time you go out, find some others who can give you some advice to go and physically show you. Better than asking on a forum, though you will learn a lot here also.
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    Raise your elbow to shoulder height out to the side, use your hand to find the pocket gasmitty pointed out. Raise the gun just above your shoulder and hold it at an upward 45 deg angle. Pull it into that pocket, still holding it at 45 deg. Lower the gun to meet the target, continuing to pull it into your shoulder, at the same time lean your body towards the target and your cheek should meet the stock. Relax the rest of your body while pulling the stock into your shoulder - think about the drunk drivers that don't get hurt, they're so relaxed at the time of collision. Practice with an unloaded gun until you don't have to think about it and it feels right. Once you can find the sweet spot w/o thinking about it, practice mounting the gun from where you hold it during a skeet shoot. If you're under 6', consider a youth/smaller stock.

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    Take some clear tape and on the top part of the butt pad and down about 1 1/2"tape it so that the pad is slick,The rubber tends to grab clothing etc and can cause you to improperly shoulder the gun,the clear tape provides a slick surface and allows the butt pad to slide instead of grabbing like bare rubber.
    I would run the tape from side to side and then run a couple layers around the top part so it covered the ends of the horizontal strips preventing them from peeling back off
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    Ouch! Yeah, a little low I guess.
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